The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide – All Comms, Where to Find

The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide

In this The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all Dead Drops Comms hidden around in Washington D.C. in The Division 2. At this point, the private beta is in full swing and players who pre-ordered the game can jump in action right now. The Dead Drops Comms will remain the same in the full game as well so we will continue with this guide even when the full game is out.

At this point, we will continue to add more and more Dead Drops Comms as we find out. This guide is currently a work-in-progress and since the game is not even out yet, we might not be able to add all Dead Drops Comms in this guide as well. However, this guide will carry on to the later stages of the beta and eventually the full game as well.

Dead Drops Comms Guide – The Division 2

Our The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide details the locations of all the Dead Drops Comms that are currently found in the private beta of The Division 2. The complete game will have 8 unique Dead Drops Comms available for you to collect. At this point, we will try to add as many as we can find in the private beta.

Dead Drops Comms #1 – Simple Math

This is located in Downtown East. To find this Dead Drops Comms, you must start at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave NW, 15 St NW and New York Ave NW. From the intersection, start heading east along New York Ave NW and you will arrive at a car park located on the left side.

Enter the car park and follow its path until you arrive at a fence with a locked door. This is around the left of the path. When the see the yellow lock on the gate, shoot it to break it and open the gate. Enter the gate and you will find the Comms sitting on the left side.

Dead Drops Comms #2 – Recordings

This is also located in Downtown East. To find this Comms, head to the intersection of E St NW and 11th St NW. From the intersection, you must head north until you arrive at Kerman Coffee shop. This will be on your right side. Head inside the shop and then get to its first floor using the stairs inside. Above, you will find the Comms sitting inside a room.

Dead Drop Comms #3 – Greener Poison

This Comms can be found at the big building that right at the intersection of 13th St NW and Pennsylvania Ave NW. once at the building, take the stairs to the right. This will take you down towards a locked Kerman Coffee shop. Shoot the lock and head inside to find the Comms.

We are adding more Dead Drops Comms to this guide. Until then, check out more The Division 2 guides below.

This concludes our The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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