The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide – All Comms, Where to Find

The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide

In this The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all Dead Drops Comms hidden around in Washington D.C. in The Division 2. Dead Drops Comms is one of the many collectibles that can be found in The Division 2. They are also a unique type of Comms that can be picked up and heard once found.

We have curated this The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide in which we have detailed all the Dead Drops Comms found in The Division 2 and where you can find them in The Division 2. There are eight Dead Drops Comms present in The Division 2. All of them are detailed below.

Dead Drops Comms Guide – The Division 2

Our The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide details the locations of all the Dead Drops Comms that are currently found in The Division 2.

Dead Drops Comms #1 – Simple Math

This is located in Downtown East. To find this Dead Drops Comms, you must start at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave NW, 15 St NW, and New York Ave NW. From the intersection, start heading east along New York Ave NW and you will arrive at a car park located on the left side.

Enter the car park and follow its path until you arrive at a fence with a locked door. This is around the left of the path. When you see the yellow lock on the gate, shoot it to break it and open the gate. Enter the gate and you will find the Comms sitting on the left side.

Dead Drops Comms #2 – Recordings

This is also located in Downtown East. To find this Comms, head to the intersection of E St NW and 11th St NW. From the intersection, you must head north until you arrive at Kerman Coffee shop. This will be on your right side. Head inside the shop and then get to its first floor using the stairs inside. Above, you will find the Comms sitting inside a room.

Dead Drops Comms # 3 – Warning

You will find this Comm inside an apartment in Downtown West located south of the Settlement where an SHD Cache is also present. To get access to this apartment, you must head inside the alley and climb inside the apartment from the outside.

Dead Drops Comms # 4 – Patience

Head to the safe house in Constitution Hall and use the west exit to leave the premises. Once outside, turn left and you will come to a door which grants you access to an office. Head inside and you will the Comm sitting on a table.

Dead Drops Comms # 5 – Hometown

In the West Potomac Park, you will find an area blocked off by containers in the western section of the region. Climb the containers and you will find the Comm sitting there.

Dead Drops Comms # 6 – Vitaly

Make your way to the Navy Hill Control Point in Foggy Bottom and head east from there. If you stand at the wall here and look to the north section, you will see a generator sitting near some bags. Head towards this generator and you will find the Comm sitting at the top. You can cross the fence through the hole in it easily.

Dead Drops Comms # 7 – Open Gates

Head to the building on the right side of the Safehouse on the map in West End. Once inside the yard, use the trucks to climb to the upper building. Here, you will find some ladders leading to the roof of the building. To open the access to the stairs, shoot the lock. The Comm is sitting on the roof of this building.

Dead Drops Comms #8 – Greener Poison

This Comms can be found at the big building that right at the intersection of 13th St NW and Pennsylvania Ave NW. once at the building, take the stairs to the right. This will take you down towards a locked Kerman Coffee shop. Shoot the lock and head inside to find the Comms.

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This concludes our The Division 2 Dead Drops Comms Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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