Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battles Guide – All Bosses, How to Defeat

Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battles Guide

In this Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battles Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat all bosses in Devil May Cry 5. Devil May Cry franchise is famous for its punishing and difficult boss battles and the newest title in the franchise does not disappoint when it comes to boss battles. Devil May Cry 5 has 20 boss battles and each one requires a different strategy to kill.

We have listed all the bosses that you will encounter in Devil May Cry 5 below and along with that we will also share some tips and tricks with you on how you can defeat these bosses. Apart from a few bosses, most of the bosses are very difficult. Taking down bosses is no easy feat in Devil May Cry 5 but with this guide, you will be mowing them down in no time.

Boss Battles Guide – Devil May Cry 5

Our Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battles Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating all bosses in Devil May Cry 5. All bosses detailed below are in the order of their appearance in the game and you will face them in the exact same order in which they are listed below.

Boss #1 – Urizen

You will face Urizen in the prologue of the game. To actually damage this boss, you need to first destroy the red crystal guarding the boss. Stick to ranged combat and use your revolver to destroy the red crystal. You must use the charged shot to deal increased damage with each shot. Urizen will throw blue spheres at you which will slow you down while the red balls will deal damage to you.

He also attacks with powerful energy beams coming out of the ground. To avoid the beams, keep moving around the ground and while doing so make sure that you do not touch the blue spheres as they will slow you down immensely and you will end up getting hit by the beams coming out of the ground.

Keep shooting the crystal and it will eventually break allowing you to actually deal damage to the boss. When the crystal is destroyed, Urizen will get back to repairing the crystal giving you only a short window to damage himself. Get up close quickly and start hitting him with everything that you’ve got.

There are two ways to end this boss battle. If you manage to actually beat the boss without dying, you will get a secret ending however if you fail to do so and your health trickles down to zero, you will die and the boss battle will fail allowing you to witness a different cutscene. Keep at the crystal, avoid the boss attacks and you should defeat Urizen without much trouble.

Boss #2 – Qliphoth Roots Boss

You will encounter the Qliphoth Roots Boss at the end of the first mission. When the boss battle starts, the boss will start attacking with its tentacles however it can also spawn enemies in the area so keep an eye out for the as well. Stick to your revolvers and try to kill it from a distance. If you want to get close and attack with your melee weapons, wait until the tentacles stop attacking however you will get a very small window to do so. Get in quickly, deal some damage and get back quickly. Keep at it and this easy boss will go down easily.

Boss #3 – Goliath

Goliath comes early in the game but it is one of the hardest bosses in the game. It can take a lot of punishment and it can deal a lot of punishment as well. The only thing you need to worry about while fighting Goliath is that the battle can be long and tedious and you have to patient while fighting it. Locking on to the boss works miracles in this boss battles.

Stick to range as much as you can. Goliath will use a variety of attacks while fighting you. It will use its huge arms and hands to slam around itself, it will also jump in the air and throw itself to the ground damaging you and its belly can open up and spit fire and suck you in as well. Stick to distance and use charged shots from your revolver to damage it.

This will take some time but it is the safest and easiest way to kill it. If you want to get it close and use melee against it, you must stick to its back and use some fancy footwork to evade its close ranged attacks. Watch out when it jumps up or raises its arms to slam the ground. Evade these attacks and you will fine. Keep trickling down its health and it will go down eventually.

Boss #4 – Artemis

You will encounter Artemis boss in the third chapter. Artemis can fly around and comes with two drones that can also attack you. You can destroy the drones easily with your revolver and using charged shots. However, the boss can also spawn new drones. If new drones are spawned, the old drones turn into mines and they home in on you. Be careful as they will explode when they get close to you.

You can latch onto the boss and attack it with your midair attacks. If the boss tries to fly away, chase it and continue landing midair attacks. If you have Gerbera devil breaker equipped, use it in this boss fight. It is super helpful for this boss battle. Occasionally, Artemis will go up to the ceiling and shine down a light to the ground.

When it happens, quickly destroy the drones and latch onto them to reach the boss and bring it down. Do not let Artemis charge up this powerful attack. Once down, Artemis will charge at you however you can use double jump to evade its attacks. Continue using the midair attacks and it will go down eventually.

Boss #5 – Nidhogg

You will encounter Nidhogg in the fourth mission. Nidhogg has tentacles to attack you and you can damage these tentacles to damage the boss as well. Even if you ignore the tentacles and hit the boss itself, you can still damage the boss. Hitting tentacles is not a requirement to kill the boss. I also recommend that you target the main boss instead of the tentacles.

You must hit the middle part of the boss which is located in the middle of the screen. To deal massive damage, you can buff Griffon and land some lightning strikes on the boss. This will deal the main body as well as the tentacles in a single attack. If you manage to destroy all three tentacles at the same time, you can stun the boss for a little time giving you a good attack window. Keep hitting the boss and it will go down eventually.

Boss #6 – Elder Geryon Knight

You will encounter Elder Geryon Knight in the fifth mission. This boss is very annoying because it can wipe out the demon pets at the same time even if you have both of them active at the same time. To counter his AoE attack which can knock out your pets, when he starts charging up, get away from the boss as quickly as possible.

This will ensure that your pets get away from it as well. If your pets’ health is low, summon Nightmare to fill their health bars quickly. Try to keep this until the health is absolutely low and they are about to get wiped out. Try to use Griffon Vigor 2 and Shadow Vigor 2 in a later playthrough for this fight as they are most effective against this boss. Make sure you use evade to dodge the boss attacks. They are fairly simple to avoid.

Boss #7 – Scrap Demon

You will encounter this giant crab boss in the sixth mission. To defeat the Scrap Demon, you must attack its weak spots located in the legs. Destroy a weak spot and it will give you access to a grappling hook with the help of which you can reach the top of the crab. Once up there, hit the big red blood clot and the boss’s health will decrease.

Keep hitting the boss until it throws you off. Once back on the ground, aim for another weak spot and repeat the process. You need to avoid three major boss attacks in this boss battles. One is simply the spikes located on its back. Do not hit them or you will take damage. Apart from this, you must also avoid the lasers from its arms and the thrown explosives.

Boss #8 – Urizen

You will come face to face with Urizen again this time in the eighth chapter. This is a scripted boss battle and you have to lose this battle for the next cutscene.

Boss #9 – Urizen

Urizen returns for another round in the tenth chapter. This is also a scripted fight. When your health reaches zero, a cutscene will play and you can progress to the next screen.

Boss #10 – Cavaliere Angelo

You will encounter this boss in the eleventh mission. This boss will attack in a four hit combo attack and the best way to block this attack is by entering the guard stance. After blocking, your Devil Trigger will be consumed a little bit but if you attack the enemy after this, you can easily recover the lost Devil Trigger.

Keep doing the same and you will eventually stagger the boss when he will teleport away from you and start charging up his ranged attack. If you have the Kalina Ann rocket launcher, shoot it with this right now to deal massive damage to the boss. After the attack, the boss will come back in your melee range and you can continue the same strategy that you used earlier.

Boss #11 – Urizen

Urizen returns back for one last battle in the twelfth mission and this time you must defeat the boss. For this boss battle, the Kalina Ann rocket launcher is a necessity because it is super effective against the boss. Do not get close to him as he will deal massive damage with his attacks. You must stick to ranged attacks for this boss battle.

Only go in for melee attacks if you have a fully charged Devil Trigger. Stick to melee in your devil form to deal massive damage but make sure that you get back quickly once you are back to normal. Use Devil Form when the red crystals appear again and you can later move on to the boss itself after taking care of the crystals.

Urizen will also use his tentacles for this boss fight however you can easily evade them using the dodge. Use the Rocket Launcher and you can easily defeat the boss by sticking to ranged attacks. When the boss spawns more red crystals, quickly enter the devil form and them down. You will eventually defeat the boss using this technique much easily.

Boss #12, 13 and 14 (Mirage Versions)

You will encounter three bosses in the fourteenth mission. You have already fought all of these bosses before and they also come will much less health pools than before. When you reach the three gates in the mission, you can enter each one to enter and defeat the boss within to bring back your Demon pets.

The right most gate has Goliath boss, the one in the middle has Artemis boss while the one of the left has Cavaliere Angelo. You can use the old boss battle strategies here for each boss and defeat them much quickly. None of the bosses here have their full health pool as the original bosses. They will go down much easily this time around.

Boss # 15

You will encounter Malphas in the fifteenth mission. Since the boss is sitting on a bird and flying around, your best strategy is to whip out your revolver and use your charged shots to bring it down. You can evade most attacks easily by easily. Keep shooting and the boss will go down easily. Gerbera is also effective for this boss battle.

Boss # 16

You will encounter King Cerberus in the sixteenth mission. For this boss battle, you must use your devil form effectively because the boss is one of the hardest bosses in the game. Cerberus has the ability to switch between fire, thunder and ice elements. If you can begin the boss battle with your devil form completely charged, that will be super effective right at the start. As soon as the boss battle begins, switch to your 2nd Devil Form and aim for the heads.

Attacking the heads will stun the boss and then you must enter the Swordmaster stance. Use Devil Sword Dante equipped and spam the attack buttons to keep hitting the boss to deal as much damage as you can. You can summon more swords for this fight as well in the Swordmaster Stance. When the boss recovers from the stun, you should switch to dodge mode and keep back. During this phase, you should stick back and try to attack the heads to try and stun it again. Stick to using the devil form if you manage to charge it again. Aim for the head, stun the boss and repeat the process to bring it down.

Boss #17

In the seventeenth mission, you will come face to face with the Devil form of Urizen. This boss might look intimidating but he has a big weakness which is his back. If you can get to his back and then use double jump and attack him from the back using midair attacks, he cannot really do much. His attacks can only hit the ground in front of him so you can land melee attacks at him easily from his back.

However, you must be careful because he can land some ranged attacks and you will need to dodge them. These attacks are similar to his previous fights so you can use the same strategy to avoid these attacks and deal damage in return. If you do not want to get close, you can stick to ranged and dodge all his attacks. This will take some time but it is an alternate way of fighting the boss.

Boss #18

You will fight V’s demon pets in the eighteenth mission. These are three pets so you will need to take them down. The fight may be a 3v1 but your ultimate goal is to take down Nightmare as he is the main pet that you have to defeat here. You must try to attack Nightmare as much as possible. If you kill other two pets, Nightmare will respawn them so you must be prepared to focus on Nightmare. Devil form is super effective in this boss battle as well.

Boss # 19 and 20

Your last two boss battles are with Vergil however you will fight him once as Dante and then as Nero. For the first boss fight, while you are playing as Dante you must learn Vergil’s attack pattern. You should fight Vergil with Devil Sword Dante which is the best weapon for this boss battle. Dodge Vergil’s attacks and then use Stinger.

With Stinger, you can sometimes stun Vergil however it will help you get close to him very quickly. As soon as Vergil misses an attack on you, you must quickly use Stinger to land a confirmed hit and possibly stun Vergil for a follow up attack window. Vergil will eventually teleport away and then return and land a powerful attack right after.

You must take it slow and wait for Vergil to attack first, dodge the attack and then span Stinger to stun and land more hits. At certain point in the boss battle, Vergil will summon a clone of himself and make the battle more complicated. You can damage the clone with your pistols and make it go away eventually once enough damage is done.

Avoid using rocket launcher or the shotgun for this battle as they are too slow. Stick to your pistols and churn away Vergil’s health slowly using Stinger. Make sure you dodge first and then attack to land a confirmed hit. As far as the devil form is concerned, do not use the second form because it is slow as well. Vergil can teleport away quickly.

For the next encounter in Chapter 20, you will come face to face with Vergil again but this time you will be playing as Nero. The boss battle follows the same pattern and you can use the strategy to defeat Vergil.

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This concludes our Devil May Cry 5 Boss Battles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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