Destiny 2 Crown Of Sorrow Raid Jumping Puzzle To 2nd Encounter

Destiny 2 Crown Of Sorrow Raid Jumping Puzzle

After you are done with the first counter in the Destiny 2 Crown Of Sorrow Raid you will have to complete a jumping puzzle in order to reach the second encounter. This would not be a Destiny 2 raid without the jumpy bits so you will need to make your way across.

Just like the previous encounter, you will find a glowing circle in the room that will give you buffs. Just like the previous encounter, you will also see Crystals that spawn on different platforms. Some of them will be inside bubbles.

You can shoot the crystal without the bubble but the ones with the bubble will need to be damaged from the inside. Just like the previous encounter, two players will need to destroy the crystal at the same time. One player needs to have the buff while the other needs to damage it without the buff.

You can swap the buff just like in the previous encounter using the sphere. Fortunately, there are no Ogres of Knights in this part of the raid. As you make your way up you will find another Witch Vassal, which can be used to transfer the buff and it will also act as a checkpoint. If you fail from here then this is the point where you will start from.

That is pretty much it. You need to swap the buffs and get to the top while you destroy the crystals with your team.

You can also learn about the second encounter and the best gear that you can use to run the raid. Datto and his team came second in the race to worlds first and they only lost by 6 minutes which is really close. He dismantled his exotic raid gun after he lost claiming that he did not earn it.

Let us know what you think about Destiny 2 Crown Of Sorrow Raid jumping puzzle and what you think about the new raid.

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