Destiny 2 Black Armory New Exotic Weapons and a Possible Rumor of Weapon

Destiny 2 released September 6, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Blizzard Entertainment. Bungie has brought the franchise to PC with Destiny 2. Bungie has recently announced more details on its next downloadable content: Black Armory.

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Bungie dropped couple of details regarding its new exotic weapons. Black Armory DLC will include five new Exotic weapons. In ViDoc, a total of four brand new Exotic weapons were announced that will join the arsenal of Destiny 2 in Black Armory DLC along with a fifth one. The fifth one was unnamed but said to be ‘old favorite’.

Each weapon that will release in Black Armory DLC will link in with different family forges and will have either Japanese, French and Norse heritage. The forges named so far are Volundr, Gofannon and Izanami and each will be released separately over time.

The five new exotic weapons will be the powerful one to feature in Destiny 2 Black Armory DLC. Bungie has released images of stats / perks of three of its exotic weapons. Fourth one, Jotun is yet to get reveal on its perks and the fifth one that we suspect is the Last Word exotic weapon.

Lets dive right in and look at the four new confirmed exotic weapons and their perks that will be a part of Black Armory dlc.


Destiny 2: Black Armory Exotic weapons


Anarchy is an Exotic Grenade Launcher. Its first perk is ‘Arc Traps’ which basically sticks grenades to enemies and transfer arc bolts over to other mines. The grenade launcher can be used to trap enemies in to lightning bolt trap if you could shoot three grenades around enemies.


2.Izanagi’s Burden

The first amazing perk of this cool looking sniper rifle is Honed Edge. By holding reload, the weapon will consume the magazine and instead loads a round that has additional range and damage.


3.Le Monarque

Le Monarque first perk is titled as Pestilence Arrows. On a perfect draw, a hit target will receive damage over time. On a perfect draw with a precision hit, all enemies in the Void cloud receive damage over time. Basically, it will be a good weapon to those who can pull a perfect draw.



Jotun from the images provided, is a fusion weapon but it will wear over your hand. The fusion weapon gives a wee bit look of Megaman Blaster. It is basically a PVP weapon. It fires fireball slugs that set the ground alight and also allows you to track your enemies.


5.Last Word

Last Word is not confirmed as of now. However, fans of Destiny franchise at Reddit are talking about Last Word to be the fifth Exotic weapon to come in Destiny 2 Black Armory DLC.


Are you excited about the new Exotic weapons ? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.




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