Deathloop Is The New Game Announced By Arkane Studios

Deathloop Arkane Studios

Deathloop is the new game that has just been announced by Arkane Studios. In the game, two assassin’s face off against one another in order to break a time loop. Both have different motives but both are trying to kill one another. However, it does not seem that simple in the trailer. Every time one kills the other one, they simply wake up somewhere else and are hence stuck in a time loop.

The game looks promising by looking at its first reveal trailer. One of the assassins is a man while the other one is a girl and it looks like both are killing each other again and again. The man loves using guns, on the other hand, the girl prefers a more stealthy approach by wall climbing and using machetes.

It also shows that both of them will cater to players of a totally different playstyle. One is for stealthy players while the other one is for players who prefer a more in-your-face type of approach. The girl is also using some special abilities to move around which shows that some supernatural forces are at work here as well and both characters will come with some unique abilities and skills.

Arkane has promised that this is going to be a great game and the developer thinks that people are going to enjoy it. You can check out the trailer of Deathloop below:

Naturally, a release date was not announced at E3 2019 by the developers and we also do not know what platforms the game will arrive on. Since Microsoft has announced its next-gen console Project Scarlett arriving next year, it could be a next-gen title for all we know. However, the graphics and the engine does not look next-gen to us and we are pretty sure that Deathloop is going to be a current-gen title.

Let us know what you think about Deathloop by Arkane Studios and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.

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