Days Gone Will Get a Post-Launch Free DLC in June

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Days Gone will receive a DLC in June that will be totally free for players. Developers Bend Studio has revealed its plan to release a free DLC, as announced over at the PlayStation Blog. The news comes before the game launches Tomorrow on April 26 worldwide.

The new DLC will contain a new Survival Mode and weekly challenges, additionally offering new trophies and new appearances for Deacon’s motorcycle. Deacon is the main character that players will get to play as in Days Gone. Its June release means that players will have a month or two to finish the game before it launches.

The Survival Mode will feature tougher encounters with enemies and offer deeper gameplay changes. Fast Travel and Survival Vision will both be disabled. Survival Vision is a feature that lets you track enemies and focus on key parts of the environment. The Mode also removes all on-screen indicators, and the mini-map, leaving you to find your way on your own in the wilderness. This sounds really interesting as it will truly be a test for survival.

The challenges that will come in the DLC will contain additional challenges. Once you have completed the game, new tasks will start rolling on a weekly basis from June. The challenges will come in three categories that are combat, Horde and Bike. You can expect plenty of bike riding shenanigans, crowd control tasks and action filled combat challenges. Completing challenges will reward you with in-game items and rewards.

While there are no details if the game will receive a story content DLC in the future, a possibility cannot be ruled out. Bend Studio will likely let the players complete the base story before announcing any DLC to come later this year.

Days Gone is releasing tomorrow on April 26 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Are you excited to buy the game? Let us know what  you think in the comments below.

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