Dauntless Weapons Guide – All Weapons, Tips and Tricks

Dauntless Weapons Guide

In this Dauntless Weapons Guide, we will guide you on all the different weapons found in Dauntless. Each weapon in Dauntless is unique to the aspect that they are considered a separate class. With each weapon, you will get unique moves and mechanics. There are no complex class systems in the game and you simply need to choose the desired weapon and it will come with its own mechanics and moves.

Since each weapon is unique and different, it is natural that each weapon requires a different strategy to play with. Players can choose to try each weapon and practice with them until they find the perfect balance that suits their gameplay and use it for playing the game later. Our Dauntless Weapons Guide will help you understand how each weapon works in the game.

Weapons Guide – Dauntless

Our Dauntless Weapons Guide details everything that you need to know about weapons in Dauntless.


Repeaters are dual pistols that offer you a decent way of damaging enemies from a safe location. You can also move around easily with the repeaters are they are not heavy at all to carry and will allow you to dance around your enemies as you deal damage by firing on them. They are also precise ranged shooters and will allow you to target enemy weak spots for inflicting debuffs on the enemies.

However, with great range comes less damage. They lack the power of other weapons in Dauntless and they are also not that fast when it comes to firing. They come with a decent enough firepower and a decent enough speed. For me, it is also one of the most boring weapons in the game. This is a decent weapon if you want to play it safe from a distance.


Hammer in Dauntless is a very effective weapon against enemies. Not only you can bash behemoths’ face with it but it also comes with a built-in cannon that you can fire after hitting the enemies with the hammer. The cannon explodes on impact with the behemoth so it is a great distraction after a close ranged attack as well.

There is a downside to the cannon however as it has extremely poor range and you must be very close to the behemoths to damage them with it. Due to its limited range, it is best used as an escape tool. You get in close, land some hits with the hammer and on the way out, you fire the cannon to land some parting hits.

Hammer is not for the starters as it is a little difficult to master but once you master the weapon, you can use it very effectively in combat. It is slow but what it lacks in speed, it makes up with attack power. It has very good power and speed however the level of difficulty makes it a little hard to play with right at the start of the game. A few practice rounds will get your acquainted with both the hammering and the cannon pretty easily.

War Pike

War Pike is also a pretty decent weapon in the game. It lacks the power of the Hammer but it is much easier to play with. It features decent speed as well making it an effective weapon against a range of behemoths. With a War Pike, you can land piercing attacks on the behemoths which is very effective if you want to debuff them.

Land some heavy attacks with the War Pike and you will be able to land your special attack which is essentially a mortar round which has the ability to stun a behemoth. This special attack is very useful as it will allow the whole team to converge on the behemoth and take away chunks of its health quickly.

However as strong as it sounds, building energy for it is no easy job. You must not get hit while you are collecting the energy otherwise if you are hit, all your energy is lost and the special meter will be back to zero. This is very annoying because avoiding damage and dealing damage at the same time is pretty difficult especially when you are fighting with behemoths.


Swords are probably the best all-rounders in Dauntless. They do not hit with too much force but the attack speed is pretty high which makes up for the low damage with each hit. It is also not very difficult to master. It is best used for close combat because it lacks range. You will not land any ranged attack with it unless you throw your sword at the behemoth which is not the case here.

The sword will also allow you to store the attack energy in the special meter and once the bar is full, unleash the energy which will give you a sudden burst of speed and increased attack power. Use this at the end of a combo and you will have a perfectly damaging enhanced combo. Try this on tails and limbs and you will chop them off easily.


Axe is the heaviest and the slowest weapon in Dauntless. It means that is also the most powerful weapon in the game. However, due to its slow speed and high damage output, the Axe is only the weapon of choice for the most strategic players. It will allow you to store your attack energy which can be unleashed later to increase your overall damage with the axe even further.

This can be stacked for up to three times giving you the ultimate damage dealer. However, due to its slow speed, you will need to make sure that each hit is well thought before you swing it. There is no room for error here because its either hit the enemy or miss and get mauled by the behemoth until you can swing the axe again.

The axe can be used to attack horizontally or vertically. You can also charge the attacks before you land an attack to make it even more powerful but while you are charging your attack, you might get hit and you will not be able to dodge any incoming attacks during this time. If you manage to hit with a charged attack, you will easily build up your special meter and stack up the damage multipliers.

Chain Blades

Chain Blades are the fastest weapons in the game but they also deal the lowest damage per hit to the enemies. They are also the easiest to play with. They can be used from a distance as they are tied to chains or from close combat as well. They work pretty much like Kratos’ blades in God of War. You can use them in the ranged form to land some attacks from a distance or get up close and land some quick attacks.

The Chain Blades come with a very unique special as well. How it is executed depends on your distance from the behemoth. If you are far from the behemoth, this will allow you to get close to it quickly as it will yank you towards it. From up close, it will allow you to quickly get away from the behemoth and it is the ultimate getaway tool.

Dodge also works differently with the Chain Blades. Instead of rolling away from the danger, you will teleport to the location where you would normally roll over to. This is a pretty cool weapon to use and it is also the easiest to play with. Use it as a close-ranged weapon, a getaway weapon or a long-ranged slashing weapon.

If you are new to Dauntless, check out our Dauntless Beginner’s Guide which will help you get acquainted with the basic mechanics of the game. Also, make sure to check out our Dauntless Orbs Farming Guide to see how you can farm some orbs quickly to craft the best gear in Dauntless.

This concludes our Dauntless Weapons Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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