CORSAIR Launches New 3500X Series Cases, Blending Modern Design with High Performance


CORSAIR has announced the launch of the CORSAIR 3500X Series Mid-Tower PC Case for PC builders seeking a combination of aesthetics, compatibility, and cooling performance at an affordable price. The 3500X Series showcases your PC’s internals through wraparound tempered glass panels, leveraging decades of CORSAIR’s expertise in designing best-selling mid-tower cases.

The 3500X Series is designed with wide component compatibility, accommodating high-performance PCs. It supports various motherboard form factors, from Mini-ITX to EATX, and is compatible with newer reverse connector motherboards such as ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero. This compatibility allows for a pristine, cable-free view. With a spacious interior, the 3500X can house large graphics cards and air coolers, making it ideal for building high-powered gaming rigs.

Check out the trailer showcasing the new CORSAIR 3500X series PC cases in action below:

Cooling performance is a key feature of the 3500X Series. The case includes strategically placed fan mounting points on the side, roof, and bottom, ensuring ample airflow without compromising the sleek, wraparound tempered glass design. The 3500X can also accommodate radiators up to 360mm in the roof or side, supporting robust Hydro X Series custom cooling solutions or top-performing CORSAIR liquid CPU coolers.

The 3500X Series is available in black or white, offering three distinct options to suit various build preferences:

iCUE LINK 3500X RGB: Includes an iCUE LINK System Hub and three RX120 RGB fans, serving as a starting point for a state-of-the-art iCUE LINK system.

3500X ARGB: Comes with three pre-installed RS120 ARGB fans, offering simple motherboard-controlled lighting.

Standard 3500X: Designed for builders who prefer to use their existing fans.

The CORSAIR 3500X Mid-Tower PC Case is poised to become a favorite among PC enthusiasts and gamers due to its builder-friendly design, striking aesthetics, and impressive cooling performance.

The 3500X, 3500X ARGB, and iCUE LINK 3500X RGB will be available later in Q3 through the CORSAIR webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. The 3500X is backed by a two-year warranty, along with access to CORSAIR’s worldwide customer service and technical support network.


CORSAIR’s 3500X Series cases are set to redefine expectations for mid-tower cases, offering an exceptional blend of design, performance, and value for PC builders looking to create their next high-performance rig. CORSAIR has also just launched its new RS Series high-performance daisy-chain PWN fans.

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