CORSAIR and GIGABYTE Join Forces for Enhanced Lighting Control with iCUE Partnership at COMPUTEX 2024


CORSAIR has taken a significant step in its quest to deliver immersive gaming experiences by announcing a groundbreaking partnership with GIGABYTE. This collaboration sees GIGABYTE becoming the latest motherboard manufacturer to integrate CORSAIR’s iCUE lighting control software into its ecosystem, opening up a world of possibilities for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike.

The integration of CORSAIR iCUE software with GIGABYTE motherboards allows users to seamlessly synchronize lighting effects across their entire setup, from peripherals to internal components. This means that compatible CORSAIR products can now support native lighting synchronization within GIGABYTE Control Center (GCC) and iCUE, offering users greater control over the aesthetics of their systems.


With this new partnership, we are excited to offer our customers even more options for customization and personalization,” said a spokesperson from CORSAIR. “By integrating iCUE support into GIGABYTE motherboards, we are empowering users to create truly immersive lighting setups that reflect their unique style and personality.”

The CORSAIR iCUE software, renowned for its performance monitoring and lighting customization capabilities, will now extend its support to compatible GIGABYTE hardware. This integration will enable users to unlock new levels of customization, allowing them to tailor their lighting effects to suit their preferences and create stunning visual displays.

Support for GIGABYTE motherboards via CORSAIR iCUE software and GIGABYTE Control Center is set to roll out in June 2024, providing users with access to enhanced lighting control options straight from their desktops. Additionally, CORSAIR iCUE software already supports a wide range of hardware, including products from ASUS, MSI, Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, and Govee, ensuring compatibility with a diverse array of gaming setups.


This partnership underscores CORSAIR’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the gaming experience. By joining forces with GIGABYTE, CORSAIR aims to provide users with the tools they need to create truly immersive and personalized gaming environments.

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As the gaming industry continues to evolve, partnerships like these pave the way for new possibilities and experiences, driving innovation and empowering gamers to take their setups to the next level. With CORSAIR iCUE software and GIGABYTE motherboards, users can look forward to a new era of lighting customization and control.

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