Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Weapons Guide – Best Weapons To Use

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Weapons Guide

In this Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Weapons Guide, we will show you every type of weapon that is available in the game and detail you how they fair against opponents. There are a range of assault rifles, sniper rifles, sub machine guns and pistols in Blackout.

The weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout are mostly fictional, however most are heavily influenced by the popular firearms from the real world. If you are just beginning with the game, it can take some type to adjust with these weapons especially if you are coming from PUBG.

Once you do become accustomed to the weapons and fast paced combat, you will be to appreciate how polished everything is in the game. One of Call of Duty’s main strength list in its shooting mechanics, where everything feels responsive, weighty with great feedback when you land a hit on an enemy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Weapons Guide

Below we will list every weapon and the types that are in Blackout, as well as highlight its features in the gameplay, with key differences between every gun in this mode. In the end we will follow up with some advice of what are the best weapons we think that you should use in Blackout Mode.
Here are all the types of weapons in the game:

Blackout Assault Rifles

There are 5 types of assault rifles in Blackout:

This assault rifle is best for accuracy as landing shots in this will not be an issue. However, the bullets do not deal a high damage, which is why you should aim at the head with this weapon for its accuracy, and fire away to eliminate an enemy.

The rate of fire and damage is medium compared to other weapons, but great for beginners who are settling down with aiming in the game.

This weapon is like a cross between an assault rifle and an SMG. Effective for close combat, but there are many other better options as, while it is not good for long range at all. The recoil on the weapon isn’t as bad as others if you aren’t use to recoil mechanics, however it shouldn’t be equipped for long range combat.

Maddox RFB
This is one of the best assault rifles in Blackout because of its high damage and easy to control mechanics. However, it isn’t so effective in the long range, but for short to medium range, this weapon should be your first choice.

The Maddox can also be equipped with muzzle attachments, magazine attachments an all types of scopes except the sniper scope.

This is a modernized take on an AK-47; it deals a decent amount of damage and can be effective in any kind of engagement. It is a well balanced rifle with vertical recoil, and if you can land headshots, it can be deadly for enemies.

This rifle delivers a lot of damage to opponents, it won’t be called a long raged rifle, but it can do the job pretty well. This however, comes at the expense of slow rate of fire. For beginners, the recoil can be an issue, however if mastered, this is a very good weapon for any combat.

Black Sniper Rifles

There are 4 Sniper Rifles in Blackout:

This is the best sniper rifle in Blackout, because of its high damage with one shot at really long distances. It also reloads faster than other rifles and gives you the chance at another shot after a missed shot.

Paladin HB50
This is also another good sniper rifle in Blackout, but the best feature about this gun is the very low bullet drop. The damage dealt with shots is high which means you will rarely have to hit twice with this weapon.

This is a semi automatic sniper rifle that is great for continuous shots at enemies or enemy vehicles in range. Not as great as KOSHKA or Paladin but it surely does the job, even with lower damage.

This sniper rifle is very similar to KOSHKA but with a faster reload. However, it is not such a good weapon to handle and can be hard to use in mid range fights.

Blackout Sub Machine Guns

There are 5 SMGs in Blackout:

This SMG is the best because of high rate of fire, high damage, and low recoil. This is best used in close range combat because of its high damaging shots to opponents. Keep this around just in case an enemy is creeping nearby and you want to lay him down with the GKS.

This is a good close combat weapon especially at the start of the match where there are multiple enemies close by. The SPITFIRE deals a lot of damage to enemies without armor. This weapon also works best in close combat range in buildings when you have to go through rooms for resources.

The best thing about the CORDITE is the big magazine slot that offers a long spray of bullets, and works well if paired with a 2x scope for a medium range encounter. However, it works bests for close combat range.

This is another decent SMG in Blackout; however it doesn’t deal much damage to opponents with high level armor. Nonetheless, this gun boasts high rate of fire and low recoil which offers excellent handling.

This is a weapon that you shouldn’t really consider picking up, unless you have only a shotgun in hand. It is a strong short range weapon but doesn’t adapt will to the increased range of Blackout.

Blackout Shotguns

There are 2 shotguns in Blackout:

The SG12 is the better out of the two shotguns offered in the game mode. With a high rate of fire it will give you damage per second advantage over some SMG n close range combat.

MOG 12
This weapon isn’t a great one considering it only deals damage that is as close as melee range. IT is a pump action shotgun which again slows the rate of fire which can take about 2 to 3 shots to kill an enemy.

Blackout Pistols

There are 3 Pistols in Blackout:

Strife pistol offer a decent amount of rate of fire in close combat. It can also be preferred over a shotgun provided you land all your shots on the enemy. This pistol works best if paired with the assault rifle when you run out of a magazine clip and wish continued fire.

This revolver deals high damage, however, only offers a small clip size, slow rate fire and tricky iron sight. SO it sits between STRIFE and can be a choice to some players.

This is the best out of the three pistols in Blackout that offers a great backup firing capability paired with an assault rifle.

Blackout Tactical Rifles

This weapon can be a great substitute if you can’t find a sniper rifle in the game. This rifle offers high damage, high muzzle velocity and semi automatic fire. If paired with a 4x scope, this can be a deadly weapon for long ranged combat.

ABR 23
This rifle offers a burst of fire in a shot, which helps in tagging enemies at mid to long range combat. However, it struggles in the close combat encounter, where it can take three to four bursts to take down an enemy.

This weapon is also a burst fire weapon but it doesn’t offer an impressive damage per shot and also has slot rate of fire. However, it is more accurate than the Auger DMR.

Essex Model 07
This rifle works best if you are left with no choice of long ranged weapon around. It offers a slot rate of fire, average damage and you cannot fit any attachment onto the weapon. This makes it the least effective weapon out of the lot that is offered.

Blackout Launcher

There are 2 Rocket Launchers in Blackout:

War Machine
This rocket launcher is rare in the game mode, which is not surprising considering how deadly it is. This launcher works best to eliminate squads in vehicles or up close. It also works best if you want to take out enemy hiding behind cover.

Hellion Salvo
This launcher can lock onto vehicles before you fire, making it a powerful and accurate weapon. This works best in Squads where you have the chance to wipe out an entire squad in a vehicle or close to each other.

Blackout Light Machine Guns

The TITAN works best for medium to long range combat with a large amount of ammo clip and high damage per bullet. This can be used on weapons or even suppressing fire. The only drawback with this weapon is that it has a lot of bullet drop which is prominent over long ranged shots.

This LMG is the best compared to Zweihander because of its high clip of 75 bullets and decent damage per bullet.

This weapon has the highest rate of fire than any other LMG, except the Zwiehander. The Hades offers decent accuracy mid range, making a great weapon for suppressing enemy squads.

VKM 750
This is a .50 caliber weapon with a high dealing damage shots, but offers a spray of bullets that may or may not land on the enemy. In addition, it has hefty recoil which hampers accuracy even more and makes it a challenge to land shots on the enemy.

Blackout Zombies Weapons

This is a very strong Assault rifle with high damage and virtually no recoil. However, no scopes can be attached to this weapon which is fair in trying to balance this rifle.

This silly weapon can be very useful as it can take only two shots to kill an enemy with it. The ammo count that comes with the RAY GUN is 20 shots and there are no slots of attachments on the weapon. So it is a weapon for people who want to have a little fun with it, but not the most effective as other weapons available.

This is a double barrel LMG but comes short when it comes to accuracy of the weapon. This weapon comes with the worst recoil in any of the other weapons with only the iron sights to aim for. This makes the Zweihander only good for close combat.

Blackout Best Weapons

Blackout is still a new game and it still is being experimented with weapons and weapon pairing choices. We still have narrowed down some of the weapons that we think come very useful in the type of combat that usually occurs in Blackout.

Some of the best weapons we have chosen will help you greatly in combat ranging from long range to short range, saving you time in looking for the best, and equipping one and getting in on the action. We have chose 5 of the best weapons for you to get your hands on:

This assault rifle is no joke, and it seems a lot of players prefer this rifle over any because of its accuracy and damage. This should always be your weapon of choice in assault rifles.

This weapon is becoming a very popular weapon because of its high damage and big ammo clip. Once you find one, equip an extended map and a grip to make it even more powerful during a match.

Paladin HB50
Paladin is a very good sniper rifle that is great for shredding armor off of enemies. Another great factor about this sniper rifle is that it has low bullet drop, which is effective at the long range shots you take. Pair it with the VAPR-XKG and you are good to go to the end.

Hellion Salvo
There is no denying the power of this beast of a rocket launcher. We have chosen this weapon when you are playing in squads as it can be very handy in taking down multiple enemies in one shot.

Auger DMR
We have chosen the Auger because of how reliable it can be over long range combat if you pair it with a 2x scope. Sniper rifles will be hard to come by, which makes the Auger the best substitute you can get.

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This concludes our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Weapons Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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