Biomutant Gamescom 2018 Gameplay Trailer, Release Date Pushed to 2019

Biomutant PC Requirements

Biomutant is upcoming role playing game from THQ Nordic and Swedish developer Experiment 101. The game has been in works for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. THQ Nordic has showcased trailer and gameplay videos at this Gamescom event. Additionally, it was also confirmed that the game will come out next year in summers.

Biomutant story is based in post-apocalyptic world setting. The main protagonist fighting style is a blend of kung fu martial arts and shooting abilities. The game is entirely designed from third person perspective and has deep RPG elements.

Biomutant offers a free experience to roam in its open world. You can roam on foot, air ballon jet-ski or few unique area based mounts and explore the vast land of surface or beneath it the tunnels.

In Biomutant, players will have complete freedom to select however they want to experience it. Since the game has RPG elements, its entirely up to players to what gear they wear and weaponry to go with.

The game also features crafting items mechanics. Modifications in Biomutant is heavily based on weapon alterations. You can modify a standard melee weapon into crushing one with good damage. Shotguns and rifles can be customized also. Additionally, there will be characters along your journey who will offer rare crafting for your gear, such as jump pack or bionic wings.

The agile game combat features melee attacks with a combination of guns and few mutation abilities. Here is a 19 minutes gameplay trailer which showcases the deep combat mechanics of Biomutant.

In another news, 4A Games have just released a gameplay trailer of Metro Exodus in Gamescom 2018, and has also confirmed a release date set for February 22, 2019. It had been a while since 4A Games has released any information since its E3 trailer release. But the developers have decided to show a tiny bit of gameplay and have given a release date for this first-person shooter series in Gamescom 2018, which is a video gaming convention held in Europe.

Check out more on Metro Exodus Gameplay trailer here.

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