Bigfoot themed DLC Coming as a surprise in Two Point Hospital Today

Two Point Hospital DLC

Hospital management tycoon type game, Two Point Hospital is getting its first DLC expansion today called Bigfoot. A trailer for the Two Point Hospital DLC was also provided that showed its features of having three new hospital to out with 34 new illnesses that you have to cure. The DLC will cost you $9.

The features do not end with new hospital and illnesses, as there are many new challenges, a bunch of winter themed outfits and items for your hospital. The new diseases coming with the DLC are amusing to say the least as fat as their names are concerned. there is Cold Shoulder, Aurora Snorealis, Bard Flu, which is presumably the common types of illnesses among people in the winter time.

Other funny names for illnesses are Knightmares, Mechanical Metropolism, Monster Mishmash, and Barking Mad. So there are quite a few cures you have to find for all the new illnesses.

When talking about the new hospitals that are coming in the game, the first one is the Underhook Hotel, which gives you a all-new medical facility attached to an under-performing cursed resort hotel. the second hospital is the Swelbard Research Hospital, as this isolated hospital only attracts the unqualified, desperate or staff with little to no skills. The last new hospital in the DLC is the Roquefort Castle, which allows you to build a hospital with medical facilities in its big zigzag ancient halls, making it a big hospital with large distances to cover to get from one point to another.

While the plot of the Bigfoot inclusion in Two Point Hospital is that a Bigfoot by the name of Bartholonew F. Yeti, is lobbying for better healthcare in his hometown of Pointy Mountains.

The new hospital environment is chaotic but fun and interesting as you not only have to manage your patients in the hospital, but also have to factor waiting times, and how other people will be affected by an out of control situation.

Two Point Hospital is available on Steam for $34.99, while the new Bigfoot  DLC will cost you $9 on Steam.

What do you think of the new Bigfoot DLC in Two Point Hospital? Let us know in the comments below.

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