Horror-Sim Hybrid Autopsy Simulator Release Window Announced for November 2022

Autopsy Simulator PC

Team17 and Woodland Games have announced the release window of their medically accurate horror-sim hybrid title Autopsy Simulator. Autopsy Simulator is a first-person medical-horror title in which you will take on the role of a practicing pathologist and study realistic case files. These case files will be created with the help of real-world forensic doctors to make them as original as possible.

The highly realistic case files will help guide your examination and dissection of anatomically accurate bodies and then you will determine the subject’s cause of death based on your findings. For this, you will be using your own power of deduction as well as use a wide variety of medically authentic tools and procedures, certified by a real-world pathologist, to learn more about each body as you peel back each layer of individual cases and unravel the mysteries surrounding each death.

Apart from a sandbox experience, the game will also include Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories which is a self-contained, narrative-driven psychological horror experience set in 1990s New Orleans that follows the story of Jack. Jack is a middle-aged pathologist whose life has taken a turn for the worse after a personal tragedy and it will be your job to unravel a gripping mystery as Jack battles his inner demons while performing a range of autopsies.

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Check out the new trailer for Autopsy Simulator below:

Key features for Autopsy Simulator include:

  • Gruesome anatomical detail and medically certified autopsy procedures: Dissect anatomically accurate bodies using a range of autopsy procedures authentic to real-world practice pathology
  • Realistic true crime scenarios: Study a range of case files designed by real-life pathomorphologists and forensic doctors and use what you learn to guide your approach to each autopsy
  • Self-contained story mode with simulation gameplay: In Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories, follow a gripping personal mystery while performing medically accurate autopsy procedures vetted by a certified pathologist
  • Free play ‘Autopsy Only’ mode: Learn the ins and outs of practice pathology by completing unique autopsy scenarios and unraveling the mysteries of death

Autopsy Simulator Release

Additional details about Autopsy Simulator will be announced at a later stage however, for the time being, you can head over to Steam and add the game to your wishlist to keep up with any new information about the game.

What are your thoughts on the reveal of Autopsy Simulator and its release window? Let us know in the comments section below.

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