ARK Survival: Ascended Weapons Guide – All Weapons, How to Craft

ARK Survival: Ascended Weapons Guide

In this ARK Survival: Ascended Weapons Guide, we will list all of the weapons that you can find and craft in ARK Survival: Ascended. There is a large number of different weapons including both melee and ranged that you will be using in the game as you fight off different dinosaurs and creatures in the game. For your survival, you will need plenty of weapons and tools including ammo and this guide is all about it.

Weapons Guide – ARK Survival: Ascended

You will find all of the weapons that you can craft in ARK Survival: Ascended below along with their required resources.

Weapon Durability Resources Required Engram Requirements Attachments Ammo Type
Stone Pick 40 1x Stone None None None
1x Wood
1x Thatch
Torch 40 1x Flint None None None
1x Wood
1x Stone
Stone Hatchet 40 1x Flint 3 None None
1x Wood
10x Thatch
Spear Can be broken with every use 12x Fiber 3 None Spear
8x Wood
2x Flint
Slingshot 40 20x Fiber 6 None Stone
5x Wood
1x Hide
Spyglass N/A 2x Crystal 2 None None
10x Hide
10x Fiber
5x Wood
Wooden Club 70 15x Fiber 4 None None
4x Wood
Paintbrush N/A 3x Hide 3 None Paint
1x Wood
10x Tatch
Bola N/A 15x Fiber 8 None Bola
3x Hide
3x Stone
10x Thatch
Bow (Stone Arrow) 50 50x Fiber 11 (Requires Slingshot Engram) None Stone Arrow
15x Wood
Stone Pick 40 1x Stone None None None
1x Wood
10x Thatch
Flare Gun N/A 2x Fiber 6 (Requires Gunpowder Engram) None Flare Gun
10x Sparkpowder
2x Gunpowder
4x Wood
Fishing Rod 100 50x Fiber 15 (Requires Bow Engram) None None
12x Wood
20x Thatch
Metal Pick 40 10x Hide 6 None None
1x Wood
1x Metal Ingot
Metal Hatchet 40 10x Hide 6 (Requires Stone Hatchet) None None
1x Wood
8x Metal Ingot
Scissors 40 35x Flint 10 None None
6x Metal Ingot
5x Obsidian
Tripwire Alarm N/A 30x Fiber 7 None Tripwire Alarm Trap
3x Metal
5x Metal
6x Metal
2x Oil
Magnifying Glass N/A 30x Crystals 16 (Requires Spyglass Engram) None None
20x Hide
15x Obsidian
20x Fiber
8x Metal Ingot
15x Wood
Pike 40 20x Hide 10 (Requires Spear Engram) None None
10x Wood
10x Metal Ingot
Stone Arrow Crossbow 100 35x Fiber 12 None Stone Arrow
7x Metal Ingot
10x Wood
Tripwire Narcotic Trap N/A 3x Cementing Paste 9 None Tripwire Narcotic Trap
35x Fiber
15x Narcotic
1x Crystal
6x Hide
4x Wood
Sword 70 15x Hide 11 (Requires Wooden Club Engram) None None
50x Metal Ingot
1x Wood
Metal Sickle 40 16x Hide 12 (Requires Metal Hatchet & Metal Pick Engrams) None None
4x Wood
18x Metal Ingot
Lance 40 120x Fiber 30 None None
70x Hide
100x Obsidian
100x Flint
260x Metal Ingot
70x Pelt
Simple Pistol 60 15x Hide 15 (Requires Hillie Leggings Flare Gun Engram) None Simple Bullet Ammo
60x Metal Ingot
5x Wood
Longneck Rifle 70 25x Hide 18 (Requires Annon Engram) None Simple Rifle Ammo
20x Wood
95x Metal Ingot
Shotgun 300 25x Hide 18 (Requires Flare Gun Engram) None Simple Shotgun Ammo
20x Wood
80x Metal Ingot
Poison Grenade N/A 14x Charcoal 18 (Requires Smoke Grenade & Tripwaire Narcotic Trap Engrams) None Poison Grenade
20x Fiber
12x Gunpowder
5x Metal Ingot
18x Sparkpowder
10x Narcotic
Harpoon Launcher 100 60x Cementing Paste 38 (Requires Longneck Rifle & Ballista Turret Engrams) None Spear Bolt
25x Hide
50x Obsidian
40x Wood
60x Fiber
120x Metal Ingot
30x Polymer
Fabricated Pistol 210 30x Cementing Paste 18 (Requires Unk Bed Simple Pistol Engram) None Advanced Bullet
20x Metal Ingot
35x Polymer
Pump-Action Shotgun 300 45x Cementing Paste 18 (Requires Shotgun Engram) None Simple Shotgun Ammo
55x Polymer
30x Metal Ingot
C4 Remote Detonator N/A 15x Cementing Paste 24 (Requires Electronics Engram) None C4 Charge
50x Electronics
20x Polymer
10x Crystal
10x Metal Ingot
Metal Arrow Compound Bow 55 75x Cementing Paste 40 (Requires Bow & Fabricator Engrams) None Metal Arrow
95x Polymer
85x Metal Ingot
Fabricated Sniper Rifle 70 110x Cementing Paste 36 (Requires Longneck Rifle Engrams) None Advanced Sniper Rifle
80x Metal Ingot
115x Polymer
Assault Rifle 70 50x Cementing Paste 24 None Advanced Rifle Bullet
60x Metal Ingot
35x Polymer
Rocket Launcher 100 60x Cementing Paste 32 (Requires Longneck Rifle Engram) None Rocket Propelled Ammo
80x Polymer
50x Metal Ingot
Electric Prod 1 (Can only be used once) 15x Anglergel 60 (Requires Spear and Power Generator) None None
70x Cementing Paste
120x Crystal
130x Metal Ingot
120x Electronics
120x Polymer

We will continue to add more weapons to this guide as we discover them. In the meantime, if you need more help with ARK Survival: Ascended, check out the guides listed below:

This concludes our ARK Survival: Ascended Weapons Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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