Arena Breakout: Infinite Promises Unparalleled FPS Experience on PC via Steam

Arena Breakout: Infinite

MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, has set the gaming world abuzz with the announcement of Arena Breakout: Infinite and its closed beta’s upcoming release on PC/Steam in May. This new title, based on the acclaimed ultra-real immersive war simulation franchise, is poised to redefine the FPS genre with its groundbreaking features and unmatched level of realism.

With a focus on firearm customization and warfare authenticity, the new shooter aims to provide players with the most visually stunning and immersive FPS experience to date. Unlike many games in the genre, Arena Breakout: Infinite will launch as a fully polished product, free from the pitfalls of perpetual alpha states often seen in similar titles.

Check out the Closed Beta Announcement trailer below:

Players eager to get a taste of the action can sign up for the early May closed beta test of Arena Breakout: Infinite. Participation in the beta is essential for getting whitelisted and gaining access to exciting new content and features.

In Arena Breakout: Infinite, players will enter the treacherous Dark Zone, assuming the role of a highly skilled military operative navigating the war-torn Kamona region. The game’s high-stakes arenas offer thrilling combat scenarios where survival is not just a goal but a necessity. Players must strategically extract high-value items while fending off relentless opposition.

The game’s key features promise an uncompromised level of immersion rarely seen in the FPS genre. Real-time lighting, 360 spatial sound effects, and lifelike visuals bring combat arenas to life, ensuring players feel every shot fired and every explosion reverberating through their virtual environment.

Arena Breakout: Infinite

The game also boasts an ultra-realistic military simulation system, with over 500 accessories allowing players to customize every aspect of their weapons. From rifle stocks to muzzle brakes, every modification affects firing stability, accuracy, and effective range. Additionally, battlefield med kits and stim packs add an extra layer of strategy, requiring players to manage their resources wisely in the heat of battle.

The game’s long-term community support is another standout feature. MoreFun Studios is committed to ensuring fair play through rigorous anti-cheat measures, data tracking, and game reports. Arena Breakout: Infinite aims to deliver a content-complete and issue-free experience, setting a new standard for tactical FPS games on Steam.

Stay tuned for additional information about the official launch of Arena Breakout: Infinite on PC via Steam and the game’s official website, promising an unparalleled FPS experience for gamers worldwide.

Would you be interested in playing Arena Breakout: Infinite when it comes out and will you be applying for its upcoming Closed Beta? Let us know in the comments section below.

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