Apex Legends Seer Guide – Abilities, How to Play as Seer

Apex Legends Seer Guide

This Apex Legends Seer Guide will show you how to play as the new legend in the game’s latest season. Seer is an Ambush Artist introduced in Season 10 of the game, already proving to be very powerful against opponents when setting up his abilities for an ambush.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a pro player, having Seer in the team gives you a massive advantage at this stage. Having said that, Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged that the Legend is quite powerful, so we might be expecting a Nerf pretty soon.

Nonetheless, Seer is ready to be played in the game right now so you can check out his abilities, how to use them, and how to combat against opponents.

Apex Legends Seer Guide

Before we look at how to use Seer’s abilities and how to play as Seer, let’s first take a look at each of the abilities and what their effects are.

Seer Abilities

This list contains all the abilities that come with Seer.

  • Passive Ability – Heart Seeker: Hear and visualize the heartbeats of nearby enemies when aiming down sights
  • Tactical Ability – Focus Attention: Seer summons his micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls interrupting and revealing enemies.
  • Ultimate Ability – Exhibit: Create a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.

Seer Combat Tips

Now that we know what the abilities are, it is how you use them is that matters in the game. Seer is a really powerful legend in its current state, simply because of how his abilities can highlight enemies, and reveal their health and armor status, setting you and your team up for a perfect ambush from multiple angles.

Opponents that are cornered have a slim chance of survival when Seer uses his Exhibit and Focus Attention abilities together, hitting opponents and revealing their locations for a brief period. There are many players in matches who are using Seer as an attacking and aggressive character, leading most encounters themselves while the teammates follow in.

Before you even engage with enemies, Seer’s passive ability Heart Seeker lets you hear and visualize the heartbeats of opponents within 75m of distance. When you aim down sights, a blue circle will highlight around the crosshairs, while orange arrows point to the closest heartbeat of the opponent. This sets Seer up for an attack or at least forms a strategic plan for an ambush. Another tip with this ability is that the heartbeats are faster if the opponent has low health, while the sound of the beats gets louder the closer you are to a target.

Moving on to the Tactical Ability, which is the most powerful ability, and quite annoying if you are on the receiving end. The Focus of Attention sends a cylindrical-shaped beam that is sent forward to a distance of 75m. Any targets within this area of effect are first dealt 10 damage, then revealing their location for 8 seconds, but most importantly, it interrupts actions such as reviving or using healing items. This ability works best when you want to continue your attacks while the enemy is regrouping or retreating for heals.

Finally, the Seer’s Ultimate ability is called Exhibit. This ability creates a large sphere that reveals any enemy inside the sphere. The locations of enemies are highlighted when they run, or when they are shooting their weapons. Opponents inside can work around this if they stay still, or crouch walk to be undetected. But once they run, their highlighted location not only reveals their position but also displays their armor and health status.

Exhibit is best paired with Focus Of Attention since most of your endgame fights will be in enclosed areas such as buildings or large structures, Exhibit’s large sphere is enough to engulf a whole structure, revealing what’s inside. The Focus of Attention comes in really handy when you know the opponent’s location, letting you unleash the tactical ability, setting for a clean takedown of the opposing team.

The device that you use in this ultimate ability can be destroyed but is small enough to be placed in hidden areas or behind some cover that will be hard to reach for opponents. Tracked opponents give you plenty of scenarios whether you want to attack them, or play defensively, especially when you want to revive a downed teammate, or retrieve their banner and escape.

This concludes our Apex Legends Seer Guide. Post your comments below.

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