Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide – Legends, Squad, Revive

Apex Legends Beginner's Guide

In this Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you on the basic mechanics of Apex Legends and will also share some important tips and tricks with you on how you can play Apex Legends. EA and Respawn have surprised us with a solid battle royale game and it comes with its own unique take on the genre.

Despite following the traditional battle royale formula, Apex Legends has some really good mechanics in place such as allowing you to revive fallen teammates, better inventory management and solid gunplay which is a trademark of the Titanfall franchise. Our Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide will ensure that you are up to speed with the game mechanics in no time.

Beginner’s Guide – Apex Legends

Our Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide details everything that you must know before jumping in the action of Apex Legends. In addition, if you have played the game for some time and are already familiar with how things work out in the game, I am sure our guide will still tell you some helpful tips and tricks to get better.

Choose your Legend Carefully

Unlike Fortnite or PUBG, your character is a pre-built one with a set of unique abilities. You do not jump in the battle with a black character who only has to scavenge before he is able to do something in the game. Each character in the game is called a legend so you will be required to choose a legend before jumping in the game.

Each legend has unique abilities that sets them apart from others. Also each team can only have one of each legend so if you are playing with strangers, you must be familiar with most of them so that you can quickly adapt to anyone’s game.

At this point, Apex Legends features eight unique legends. Practice with them all and see for yourself which one suits you the best. After picking a main legend, practice with some more as well because you might not always get to pick your main legend.

You can check out our detailed Legend guide for information on each of the legend in Apex Legends.

Work in Teams to Win

We know all other battle royale games also have team based modes but Apex Legends is solely a team based game. There is no duo or solo so you must play the game in teams of 3. If you have two friends to go along, well and good. If not, you must play with any random player squad. Teamwork is vital to win in Apex Legends.

You can probably win in Fortnite or PUBG without your team carrying you but that is not the case here in Apex Legends. Each legend has unique abilities which are most effective while playing in teams. Sticking with you team also ensures that they can revive you if you die in the game once.

We highly recommend that you work with your team and support them with your unique abilities if you want to win in Apex Legends. Alone, you will not be as effective as compared to when you are fighting with your whole squad watching your back.

Remember Key Points on the Map

Apex Legends currently has only one map called Kings Canyon. The whole map is full of different unique areas such as natural open spaces or close quarters military installations. It is vital that you get familiar with the map as quickly as possible if you want to have an edge on the competition.

Remember vital points such as high vantage points, hidden loot locations, high tier loot locations and other important locations as well. You can choose one location as your starting point but make sure that you all the ins and outs of the location where you are planning to land. The map also shrinks with time so keep an eye out on that as well.

If you prefer jumping right in action, go for the hot spots on the map where the major action is taking place. If you want to take your time exploring and then jumping into action, find a quite spot and loot up before heading to the action zones. Also where ever you land, be quick in your looting. You never know who else is there with you.

Revive Your Fallen Teammates

When a teammate’s health goes down to zero, you will need to revive them by making way towards them. This is the quickest and efficient way of getting your teammates back in action. However, if for some reason, you can unable to revive your teammate in time, do not worry. All is not lost yet.

Probably the most unique mechanic of Apex Legends is that it allows you to respawn your fallen teammates once they are down. However, you can only revive them once. If one of your teammates dies in the battle, you will have a specific amount of time, 90 seconds, to quickly get to their location and save them.

You must pick up their banner and their lootbox to pick up their stuff. After picking up the banner, simply head to any of the respawn locations in the game and use the banner to bring them back in the battle. Your fallen friends will join you back in the battle via a dropship. Use this mechanic to your advantage.

Skip Low Tier Loot in Late Game

Apex Legends also introduces a new mechanic where killed enemies leave behind their loot in colored boxes. The color on these boxes show the highest level of the loot with them. If the box shows low level loot, skip it if you are in late game because you must go for high level loot at later stages.

If you are just starting the game, leave nothing behind and go for any loot that you find. You will need every supply item or weapon at the start of the match so do not be picky. You never know what might save your life in the battle.

Ping Your Teammates

This feature is much like pinging in Dota 2 where you can alert your teammates of different things happening in the game on the map. In Apex Legends, you can also ping your teammates to tell them about approaching enemies and even mark enemies for them. You can also pinpoint certain locations on the map to inform them of your presence there. Use this brilliant mechanic to your advantage.

This is a very quick and highly advanced means of communication between your teammates. It is very quick and simple to understand and it helps you immensely during different battles. If you are not connected with your teammates in chat, use the in-game ping to send different important messages to them. Stay connected, stay alive.

This concludes our Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. “Lucky for you, the game comes with a practice mode where you can try out all the legends and practice with all of them.” where is this practice mode? all i see is training and i can only use Lifeline there, nobody else, am i missing something here??

    1. Hey Ash. You are right. I actually confused that with all weapons. The training mode allows you to use all weapons, not all legends. Thank you for pointing that out. Fixed in the guide above as well.

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