Ancestors, Game by Assassin’s Creed’s Creator, Gets A Release Date and Trailer

Ancestors Release Date

The creator of Assassin’s Creed Patrice Desilets has finally announced the release date along with a new trailer of his new title Ancestors. Patrice established his own brand new studio called Panache Digital Games and their first title is Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey also received a trailer back at The Game Awards 2018.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is planned as a multi-platform title and it being published by Private Division. This is the first game of its nature as it explores the earliest stages of human evolution where the human transforms from ape to man and this idea has never been considered below for a video game.

This makes it a very unique video game however if you look at the actual gameplay, it does not look bad at all. The game is an open-world survival with some roguelike elements thrown in the mix as well which is going to be the perfect blend for the title. Skills are learned in one generation and are passed to future generations making them smarter than the first generation thus leading to the evolution.

Desilets states in the new video:

Our goal for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is to provide an experience no player has ever lived before. Our small team is creating an ambitious and immersive game with a unique setting that will captivate gamers of all types, and we look forward to players exploring our world later this year.

Also, check out the brand new trailer for the game below.

Coming to the Ancestors release date, it is coming out on PC via Epic Games Store initially and it will remain exclusive for Epic Games Store for one year. The first release for the game is also on Epic Games Store on August 27, 2019, while PS4 and Xbox One releases are slated for December 2019. The game will be released on Steam in 2020.

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