Valorant Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks, Weapons, Armor, Creds

Valorant Beginner’s Guide

This Valorant Beginner’s Guide will show you some tips and tricks to help you get up to speed with the game. Valorant is the new shooter by Riot Games that first resembles Overwatch with its character abilities, but it is more so a tactical shooter that looks like Counter Strike.

Having said that, Valorant is highly tactical requiring pinpoint accuracy, map knowledge, and teamwork to get the job done and defeat the other team.

Valorant Beginner’s Guide

Let’s go through some tips as a beginner in Valorant to get better in the game.

Match Basics

If you are familiar with Counter Strike, you know that each match pits two teams in a versus mode against each other. Valorant is no different, where there are two teams, Defenders and Attackers. Each team consists of players that start on one side of the map, and fight the opponent team.

The goal of the Attackers is to plant a bomb at the specified locations on the map. The Defenders have to stop the Attackers from doing so, while a common goal of both the teams is to eliminate every player of the opponent team to win the round.

Each team can also have a special character known as Agents, who have special abilities that can be used in a round. There are several choices of Agents that you can choose, as each of them come with their own set of unique abilities.

Buying Weapons and Armor

Just like Counter Strike, there is also a Buy Phase at the beginning of a round where players can purchase weapons from the Cred that they earn by getting kills and winning rounds. There are several weapons that range from being powerful and expensive to cheaper but effective weapons that you can choose in the early stages of a match.

At the beginning of each match, you start off the first round with just basic weapons like pistols. This is very similar to how Counter Strike works, where each team starts with a pistol, and buy weapons in the following rounds as they earn money. It is best to save up Creds for better weapons, armor and other essential items like armor.

Armor is also bought in the Buy Phase where it is an absolute must if you want extra protection. There are two different types of Armor you can get depending on how much you of Cred you are ready to spend. For 25 extra health, you can get the armor for 400 Creds. However, there is also the 50 extra health armor that you can buy for 1,000 Creds.

Walking is Stealthier

Walking in Valorant significantly reduces your movement sounds. This does not mean that you should always walk around to get from one point to the other. Walking is best utilized in areas you know are occupied with enemies, and want to catch them unaware. It also helps you get around a corner without alerting enemies.

Another advantage of walking is that it increases your weapon accuracy. Running around and shooting kills your weapon accuracy and will decrease your chances of pinpointing a headshot for an instant kill. Running is only beneficial if you want to go to a location where you want to reach if before the enemy does. It is best for places that you want to hold for your team or cover your flank.

Additionally, you can also slightly increase your speed by switching and equipping your knife. This is faster than running while holding a gun, and might give you the edge in reaching a spot earlier than our opponents.

Accuracy is Key

Again, just like Counter Strike, you do not have an aim down sight with weapons. You can only hip fire with weapons, and aim with the crosshair. However, you do have ADS for scoped weapons like sniper rifles.

Recoil works a little different in Valorant, where it takes time for your accuracy to reset after burst firing a gun. Practice how each weapon is affected by recoil, and you will have a better understanding of the first few shots that a weapon has before it starts swaying too much.

This concludes our Valorant Beginner’s Guide. Post your comments below.

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