2K Disables NBA 2K19 User Reviews on Steam After Negative Feedback

NBA 2K19

In recent news, it has been revealed that 2K has disabled User Reveiws for their new game NBA 2K19 on Steam after it was getting negative reviews by fans.

Instead of making the game better, it is now getting a habit to disable fan feedback and not listen to them these days. The recent move relating to this growing trend has been done by 2K who has disabled the User Reviews on Steam for their new game NBA 2K19 which was apparently receiving too many bad reviews.

If you head to NBA 2K19’s Steam Store page, you will notice that there is not a single User Review there and there is no option to submit one either. Before the negative reviews were removed, it had 75% negative reviews, which was making it ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’. If you want to see the review scores, you can head to SteamSpy and check out the scores even now.

Just like most of their games, NBA is 2K Games’ yearly franchise which covers basketball and like other sports game, NBA is now an yearly title which literally brings nothing to the table every year except a few polishes here and there. Other than that, NBA is becoming a dull franchise even for its own fans.

The latest game in the franchise is NBA 2K19 and it has been getting a lot of hate from their fans since its launch. The hate is so much that 2K had to disable User Reviews on Steam. The main cause behind all the negative reviews is 2K’s ever-changing algorithms, which are forcing players to rely more on Microtransactions.

Microtransactions is a plague that has been infecting every game lately and ruining game experiences for many people. Anything connected to EA and 2K is a Microtransaction fest, and the same fate has fallen upon NBA franchise. Currently, the game is featuring apparently an ‘All-new’ Career mode, which seems to be limited progression of players who are refusing to pay real money.

The grinding is useless in the game and it is making it very hard for players to advance in the game without relying on Microtransactions. The game is also filled with many bugs and glitches and 2K is taking it very casually. Only one major update has been released so far which did not seem to do much to give relief to fans.

Instead of blocking angry fans and putting a stop to their voice, game developers should start delivering what the fans want. Take more time in development and release bug and glitch free games, which would not cause frustration for the fans who have been waiting for a long time to buy their favorite game.

NBA 2K19 is now out and you can purchase it for Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Ok while I agree that they have work to do this article is ridiculous. You are blatantly biased. They disable these reviews because people automatically give bad reviews. They do this because 2k doesn’t care about their community. I would agree with that and they deserved stuff like that every year but this year. You can tell there is a difference this year. They care about the community this year and have made grinding worthwhile. You actually cannot rely on microtransactions instead of a grind. It only gets you to an 85 out of 99 and takes a while to get to 99 with a lot of time going into it. You can’t BUY your way to 99. Horrible biased article, look up on your facts before writing this trash

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