Xbox Scarlett, PS5 Backwards Compatibility Doesn’t Matter: Take-Two CEO

Xbox Scalett Backwards Compatibility

Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will have backwards compatibility. This will allow users of the Xbox One and PS4 to transition smoothly to the next generation. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick think that this does not really matter and this is just a marketing stunt.

Strauss Zelnick mentioned that practically this should have an impact. If there is an impact then it is in terms of marketing these products. This explained why we do not get re-releases, remasters or remakes form Take-Two. Here is what he had to say in this regard:

I think it’s challenging, except for people who are real historians of the business, to go back and play a PS2 title. It’s a unique animal. It’s not what most players are looking for.

Zelnick believes that most people today are not interested in playing classic games and he is right to a certain degree. You can’t argue with that. People that want to play classic games have classic consoles. Then again, new classic consoles are being sold in 2019 and they have been selling like Crazy. He went on to mention the following:

I mean, should we make that available? Sure. Will we eventually, when there’s a whole bunch of platforms for which you can easily develop or port? It seems to me we probably will, in the same way a whole bunch of old black and white movies were colorized at one point, or you can find old movies really easily now because of all the streaming services that exist and you couldn’t find them anywhere near as easily 20 years ago.But on the other hand, unless you’re a film buff in the extreme, how many arcane old movies are you watching?

Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about how the upcoming Xbox will be able to handle 8K and 120 FPS and that it will be up to the developer to decide whether or not it wants to take full advantage of that power.

Let us know what you think about Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick’s statement on Xbox Scarlett and PS5 backwards compatibility and whether or not you need the feature.

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