Xbox Scarlett Next-gen Console Will Be Powered By AMD Hardware

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer took the stage at AMD CES 2019 keynote which is the first time that AMD CEO Lisa Su has had a keynote at the event. Both talked about their partnership and the semiconductor business and how AMD hardware is important for gaming. Both market leaders mentioned that they will be working together and that the Xbox Scarlett will be based on AMD hardware.

This is not the first time that we are hearing about this. AMD CEO Lisa Su has already mentioned in a previous interview that the company is powering the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles. She also mentioned that each console had its own secret sauce which means that while both of them are powered by AMD they are going to be a bit different.

It will be interesting to see how these secret sauces compare against one another and which one will come out on top. You can also check out our editorial on why we think the Xbox Scarlett will dominate the market in 2020.

As we look forward to future platforms that we’re building and work that we’re doing, the partnership and the innovations that we’ve seen in the past have led to what we’ve been able to do today, I think they’re going to be critically important to our future endeavors. I’m really looking forward to showing those to people more in the future

AMD has announced the AMD Radeon VII graphics card at CES 2019 but CEO Lisa Su has confirmed that this is not the only graphics card coming out this year. There are more CPUs and GPU in the works that will be released later in 2019.

There was a recent rumor that the upcoming Xbox could come with Nvidia hardware and that it might feature real-time ray tracing technology but that does not seem to be the case. It is worth mentioning that the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X are also based on AMD hardware and it is highly unlikely that Microsoft will let this partnership go.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox Scarlett and whether or not you think it will be based on AMD 7nm technology that we have already seen at CES 2019.

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