Wuthering Waves Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide

Wuthering Waves offers players a vast open world filled with many activities and adventures. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. However, our Wuthering Waves Beginner’s Guide is here to help. It provides a clear early-game focus to help you become stronger and build a solid team.

Beginner’s Guide – Wuthering Waves

Below we have some important tips and tricks that will help you get better at the game right from the start.

Unlock Fast Travel Beacons In Wuthering Waves

Make sure to activate all the Resonance Beacons nearby. Doing this lets you teleport for free whenever you need to travel far. If you’re going through new areas, it’s a good idea to take the extra time to activate these beacons so you won’t have to travel the same route again.

Using The Novice Convene

Use your Lustrous Tide at the Novice Convene: Utterance of Marvels. You can convene 50 times for 40 Lustrous Tides, which gives you a 20% discount! Logging in during the early hours of Wuthering Waves often rewards you with the 40 Lustrous Tides required through bonuses. Additionally, leveling up your Union Level and Data Bank Level can also earn you more Lustrous Tides.

Explore the Open World

Wuthering Waves offers a vast open-world experience where players can engage in numerous activities typical of its genre. From activating Resonance Beacons and unlocking chests to solving various environmental puzzles, each action contributes to enhancing your Union Level.

Level Your Characters and Weapons In Wuthering Waves

As you engage in activities and quests, you’ll earn different materials that can help enhance your characters and weapons. Sometimes, these resources are overlooked and not put to use. By accessing your Resonator menu, you can wisely utilize these materials to effectively level up your characters and improve their gear.

Complete Story Quests

Certain game features become accessible after finishing story quests. Therefore, it’s advantageous to prioritize completing these quests early to open up more opportunities for earning rewards. For instance, after completing Chapter 1, Act 2: Echoing Marche, players gain access to the Combat Simulation in Jinzhou. This simulation can be repeated quickly and offers three different challenges to choose from. These challenges reward players with character experience items, weapon experience items, or a higher amount of Shell Credits. Additionally, completing any of these challenges also earns Union Experience points. Furthermore, finishing this quest unlocks the Guidebook feature, which helps players track creatures whose Echoes they have collected. This feature simplifies the process of targeting specific creatures to increase the chances of finding rarer Echoes.

Collect Echoes

Collecting more Echoes will enhance your experience in the Data Bank. Each new Echo, especially those of higher rarity, boosts your Data Bank experience. This improves the chances of encountering rarer enemy echoes. If you’re finding it challenging to gather stronger echoes repeatedly, consider exploring new zones to capture new enemies and level up your Data Bank. Additionally, the first ten Data Bank level-ups will increase your Stamina capacity.

Echoes Give Buffs

In addition to activating Echo abilities, you can assemble groups of Echoes to access special passive enhancements known as Sonata Effects.

For instance, when you use the Thundering Mephis Echo ability, you can transform into Thundering Mephis and deal Electro damage. This Echo is also part of the Void Thunder set. By equipping two different Echoes from the Void Thunder set, you’ll boost your Electro damage. Equipping five Echoes from the set will further increase this damage after performing heavy attacks or using your Resonance Skill.

Each Echo you equip has an associated point cost. You can increase your characters’ maximum points by collecting more Echoes and upgrading your Data Bank.

Increase SOL3 Phase

In Wuthering Waves, various activities such as exploring dungeons, collecting daily items, and battling bosses consume a resource known as Waveplates. These Waveplates replenish automatically, with one replenished every six minutes. Alternatively, players can use Crystal Solvents and Astrites to instantly regain 60 Waveplates.

As you engage in more activities and successfully complete them, you earn Union EXP, which represents your overall progression and exploration experience. Periodically, you have the opportunity to advance the SOL3 Phase, essentially increasing the game’s World Level. This adjustment intensifies encounters, offering greater challenges and rewards. Players have the flexibility to adjust the SOL3 Phase difficulty every 12 hours to suit their gameplay preferences.

Fast Travel

You can uncover additional parts of the map by interacting with tall structures called Resonance Nexuses. These towers will then serve as points where you can quickly travel to other locations in the game world. Besides these large towers, there are other methods for fast travel, such as smaller Resonance Beacons and significant places like dungeons and boss arenas.


In this game, having good stamina is crucial. Your stamina decreases slowly when you perform actions like starting to run and swimming. Interestingly, once you start sprinting after the initial dash, your stamina doesn’t go down constantly. Additionally, you can sprint on and across various surfaces such as walls, pillars, cliffs, and more.

Point Of Interest

Butterflies are shimmering insects that flutter gracefully in different places. If you spot them, it’s worth following their gentle flight, as they can guide you to hidden treasures or interesting places of note.

Face challenging world bosses

As you explore new territories, you’ll come across more formidable Tacet Discords marked on the world map. These enemies have strong skills and offer special prizes such as materials for enhancing skills, achieving breakthroughs in Resonators, and crafting weapons. However, claiming these rewards requires spending 60 Waveplates per encounter.

Participates In Events

Wuthering Waves is packed with various activities designed to keep players engaged. Some events are permanent fixtures, while others are only accessible during specific months or seasons. Here are a few examples:

  1. Gifts of Thawing: By logging in daily, players receive Lustrous Tides and Radiant Tides, which can be used in the Convene gacha feature. On the fifth day, players also receive Sanhua for free.
  2. Shadow and Recollection: Players can obtain Astrites by completing various objectives.
  3. Rumbling Hollows: Clearing the Tower of Adversity’s Stable Zone rewards players with a free Yuanwu.

In addition to these activities, players can earn various rewards. Achieving milestones awards trophies, while the Pioneer Podcast functions like a battle pass where players earn goodies by completing daily, weekly, and seasonal objectives.

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This concludes our Wuthering Waves Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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