Using VPN For Online Gaming: Pros and Cons

VPN Online Gaming

Online gaming is a crucial component of today’s gaming scene, and a lot of players are now playing online. This is common for all gaming platforms whether it is PC, consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, or mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Online gaming allows people to connect with other similar-minded players from around the world and play games together whether in co-op or competitively. With the scope of gaming going global with online gaming, it is vital that you protect yourself in this digital space as well and this is where a good VPN comes into play.

While playing online, your personal and official information could end up in the wrong hands and to prevent this, you can simply use different VPN services that will provide you with security as you play online safely. There are different VPN installer services out there that will allow you to download their clients and explore the digital landscape without any worries. Here, we have some pros and cons for using a VPN service during online gaming which will help you decide whether you really need to have a VPN service or not.

Pros Of Using VPN For Online Gaming

This section of the feature will go over the pros of using a VPN service for online gaming.

Protecting Your Privacy

When you are going online, your information will be available to everyone involved in the process which normally includes the game developer, the game servers, and any other server owners whose connection you might be currently present depending on what sort of game you are playing online.

While most of the developers ensure proper security systems are in place to avoid any data leaks, some of the third-party gaming servers might not be as vigilant as those of first-party developers. In such cases, it is vital that you use a good VPN service in order to protect your online privacy from prying eyes.

If the gaming servers are using trackers for advertisements or other things, a VPN can easily mask your important details and ensure that no one has access to your private data online apart from the ones it is intended for.

Securing Your Identity

With mobile gaming on the rise, it is becoming equally important to hide your IP and physical location from the evil eyes of the internet. For this very reason, using a VPN is important because a good VPN will not only secure your sensitive data but will also hide your IP from other people who might use this information for their own gains. There are tons of mobile games these days that work on ad revenue and for this purpose, they collect data regarding your location and other personal information such as age, name, and interests for serving the right ads but a VPN can easily hide all of this information, and keep you secure.

Accessing Games Not Available in Your Region

This is mostly common with MMORPGs because they start in one region and then gradually expand into other regions or do not expand at all. If you want to play an MMORPG or any other game that is not available in your region, you can use a good VPN service and play that game. If the game requires a constant online connection, make sure that you are using a good premium VPN because you will need a consistent and decent connection to the game servers through the VPN servers and this is something that you cannot achieve with free VPN services. Using a good premium VPN service, you can access any game that is currently not available in your own region.

VPN Online Gaming

Cons Of Using VPN For Online Gaming

This section of the feature will go over the cons of using a VPN service for online gaming.

Added Price

Apart from purchasing the game and purchasing an online service for playing online (e.g., Game Pass, PS Plus, Nintendo Switch Online), you will have to purchase a good VPN service as well. Most of the VPN services have a monthly or a yearly subscription model and you will need to dish out additional money on them if you want to use VPN for online gaming. All of this combines together for a fairly huge amount of monthly expense that will certainly increase your gaming expenditure.

Low-Quality Online Experience

If you are using a poorly designed VPN service or your VPN is connecting to the gaming servers through a server that is too far away from them, this is ruining your online gaming experience. You will not only experience high pings in gaming but if you play competitively, this will negatively impact your gaming performance as well as your every move will be registered after a delay and what would have been a confirmed kill, will turn into a confirmed death. Not all VPN services offer a global solution, so you have to be very careful in making your selection when it comes to a VPN service.

By checking out the pros and cons of using a good VPN service for online gaming shared above, you can determine whether you want to opt for the service or not. The scenario will be unique to every gamer. However, by using information available online, you can easily determine your needs for a good VPN service. You can also check out additional information on how you can stay online along with 5 most dangerous threats online and how you can avoid them.

Are you using a VPN service for your online gaming? Let us know in the comments section below and if you have some suggestions for us, you can share them as well.

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