Ubisoft Unveils New Map in Year 4 of Rainbow Six: Siege, Operation Burnt Horizon

Operation Burnt Horizon

A new map is heading in this years update of Rainbow Six: Siege, which will officially start Year 4 of the game, and bring in a new season along with two new operators. The new season is also named Operation Burnt Horizon.

The map is featured is called Outback, where the typical dry deserted lands of the Australian Outback is the focus of its theme. According to Ubisoft, the map is an homage to all the dusty service stations and motels that populate the forgotten highways of the continent, places filled with hardworking locals and specialty menu items you’ll find nowhere else.

Year Four Season One is all set to go, featuring two new operators from the SASR. One’s a stoic Attacker who’s just there to get the job done, and the other is a quick-witted Defender who’s in it for the guts and glory. Two old mates from way back, they’ve signed up with Rainbow to bring a little Aussie know-how to the other side of the world. This includes a new device that’ll keep roaming Defenders on their toes, and one that’ll leave Attackers at a bit of a loss.

That doesn’t mean they’ve left the sunburnt country completely behind them, though – there’s a slice of the red desert coming with them. A high-stakes chase has ended in a standoff at a service station halfway between here and nowhere, resulting in a map that’s packed with twists, turns, and Australiana. Try not to get distracted in the gift shop or dream of sampling the national specialties available at the fast food counter. Your teammates will thank you.

The main structure is a pit stop that consists of garage, motel and a restaurant in it. the map has many rooms packed with souvenirs and cultural artifacts from many roadside petrol stations across the Great Southern Land.

Other than the new map, there are two new operators game coming as well, which is typical of any new season of Rainbow Six: Siege. Two new SASR Operators are coming as part of its Year 4, Season 1 DLC update.

The new operators are two old mates from way back, bringing a little Aussie know-how to the other side of the world. The first is a stoic Attacker who is just there to get the job done, and the other is a quick-witted Defender who is in it for the guts and glory.

Ubisoft also teased one of the features of the Attacker, claiming that it will keep roamers on their toes. This device be some sort of a net that traps roamers, somewhat like what Frost Traps for the Defenders, but we are just speculating.

What do you think of the new Outback map and the teaser of the new Operators coming in this years season update? Let us know in the comments below.

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