Ubisoft Announces First Free Update ‘Gator Rush’ For The Crew 2

Gator Rush

Ubisoft has announced that players of The Crew 2 will get there first free update Gator Rush completely free. The Gator Rush update is scheduled for September 26, 2018. The update will bring in new vehicles, new terrain to compete and lots of content completely free. Check out Ubisoft’s official announcement trailer below.

The Gator Rush introduces Hovercraft as a new discipline. Players get to race in Southern swamps and offroad. Hovercraft can go anywhere, be it off road track or a water terrain.

The Gator Rush free update will bring in a total of 5 vehicles, four hovercraft and one off-road vehicle. Three of the vehicles will be available on September 26. The vehicles can be bought with in-game currency. The other two vehicles will be available seven days before for season pass owners. Non-season pass owners can access or purchase remaining two hovercraft vehicles on October 3.

BUMBLEBEEX, DOUBLE L-EEX and SPEEDSTER will be available from the first day. Gator Rush brings in off-road vehicle Ariel Nomad Rally raid car and XK Armored hovercraft which will be available first for season pass owners.

Gator Rush
Gator Rush
Ariel Nomad 2015
Gator Rush
Gator Rush
Gator Rush

The Crew 2 is a direct successor of the original The Crew that launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC back in 2014. The original game was criticized for a newly introduced rpg element in racing games, in-game graphics and sluggish online play. Ubisoft noticed the criticism and improved The Crew.

Later down the line, after months, the in-game graphics drastically improved. Seasons were introduced. The Crew got photo mode. The online lobby and matchmaking issues were addressed. All in all, The Crew improved visually and

The Crew 2 currently sold well during its launch period. The Crew 2 focuses heavily around motornation. The Crew 2 gives racers to go off limits: be it road, sky or water, The Crew 2 offers limitless experience to racing genre.

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