Trials of Mana Character Classes Guide – Best Classes, How to Change Classes

Trials of Mana Character Classes Guide

This Trials of Mana Character Classes Guide will show you the best classes you can have for each of the characters in the game. Though each of the characters starts off with a class, you can change their classes as you progress through the story.

In addition to listing the best character classes, we will also show you how to change the classes for each of the characters you choose.

Trials of Mana Character Classes Guide

Below we have detailed how to change classes, and what the best classes are for each character.

How to Change Character Classes

As mentioned before, each of your characters starts off with their own class specified to them. However, as you progress in the game, you will have more options to make your characters powerful or have them with certain abilities that better suit your play style. This is where the game offers you to switch a character’s class to your liking.

The first thing you need to know is about Mana Stones, which are where you will be able to interact and switch classes. These are like upgrade stations where you can switch your character’s class to our liking.

Another thing to note is that classes come in three stages. Your character starts with the first class but can be switched to the 2nd or 3rd class depending on your our character level. The requirement to switch to the 2nd class is that your character needs to be Level 18. Make sure your character reaches Level 18, and then head over to a Mana Stone to change a class.

Similarly, the 3rd class requires your character to be at an even higher level, which in this case is Level 38.

Best Character Classes

Each character has several classes that you can change to. While each character starts with their default class, you will later have the option of switching to two 2nd classes, and four 3rd classes for each of the six characters of the game.

Each class offers different buffs and abilities, while some are more powerful than the others. Choosing classes depends on how you like your character to be in combat and battles with tough enemies and bosses.

Character Best Class Details Requirement
Duran Duelist (Light) This class has the most powerful attack in the options of this third class. In addition, he also boosts teammates attack with dark saber magic Duelist Tag
Hawkeye Night Blade – 3rd Class (Dark) This class allows Hawkeye to stop enemies in their tracks with their attacks completely and debugs their magic Dusk Dice
Riesz Star Lancer – 3rd Class (Light) In addition to having balanced stats, Riesz increases the stamina of teammates and uses magic to buff them Evening Star
Kevin Warrior Monk –  3rd Class (Light) This is a pretty balanced class where Kevin will not only hit enemies with power but also absorb their magic away from them Silver Aura
Charlotte Sage – 3rd Class (Light) Any negative effect on team members will e removed, while also boosting saber magic of each ally Salt Bottle
Angela Rune Seeker – 3rd Class (Dark) This class allows Anelg to deal status effects on enemies, while also having powerful spells to annihilate the enemy Rune Book

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This concludes our Trials of Mana Character Classes Guide. Post your comments below.

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