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Starward Industries recently showcased a 5-minute gameplay video of its upcoming narrative-driven adventure game, The Invincible. The game is inspired by a sci-fi classic from famed author Stanislaw Lem.

The gameplay video was featured recently on the PC Gaming Show, giving us a first look at the gameplay. Starward Industries also revealed that it will be joining in a publishing partnership with 11 bit studios to bring this stunning project to players all over the world.

The Invincible will launch next year on PC and consoles. Watch the game’s trailer below:

Rethink human’s dominion in The Invincible: a story-driven adventure set in a hard sci-fi world by Stanisław Lem. Discover planet Regis III as scientist Yasna, use atompunk tools looking for a missing crew and face unforeseen threats. Make choices in a philosophical story that’s driven by science.

In the game, you take the role of a sharp-witted astrobiologist Yasna, as she wakes up on the hostile surface of a distant planet, left in a life-or-death rescue mission. On Regis III, which is uninhabited by humans and unexplored, Yasna will be faced with the daunting task of finding the missing crew members of an interstellar scientific expedition that ended suddenly, far from home and alone.

Dive deeper into the mystery of her missing colleagues and face a mind-bending scientific phenomenon. You’ll soon notice that Regis III is holding terrifying secrets on its dusty surface. With no choice of returning back, Yaska will be on her own to face unexpected choices and their consequences.

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The game features a stunning retro-futuristic aesthetic as seen in the video. The visuals are based on the environments built inside the pages of the iconic novel of the same name by world-famous sci-fi author, Stanislaw Lem.

The Invincible

Marek Ziemak, External Development Director at 11 bit studios talked about the game,

When many of us were teenagers, Lem gave us a vision of the future that felt surreal. And as a reader, I couldn’t imagine the world of The Invincible being more tangible than the one portrayed in the game. As a Polish publisher on a mission to showcase meaningful entertainment, we couldn’t pass by the opportunity to take on a game based on such an important piece of Polish cultural heritage as Lem’s book

If you are interested in playing The Invincible when it comes out, simply head over to its official Steam page and add the game to your wishlist. You can also download and try out a free demo of the game.

Make sure to check out our review of The Invincible in which we explored Regis III and loved every bit of it. Our previous The Invincible coverage includes the Chronicle Vol 2 Dev Diary, and the New Trailer.

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