The Invincible – Chronicles Vol 2 Dev Diary Gives Us Another Deep Dive Into the Game

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Developer Starward Industries and publisher 11 bit studios have announced the release of The Invincible – Chronicles Vol 2 Dev Diary. The latest dev diary gives us another sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes work currently going on The Invincible ahead of its release. The Invincible is an upcoming story-driven adventure game and as we are getting closer to its launch date, the developers are sharing more and more details about this upcoming promising adventure. You can check out the latest developer diary below before we jump into additional details:

The dev diary begins with Michal Napora, Community Manager, detailing The Invincible being based on the novel by Stanislaw Lem and how it is one of the most iconic novels ever written in the sci-fi genre. Despite that, as time passes, things pass into the past and are eventually forgotten however the main purpose of this game is to ensure that is as accurate and close to the novel as possible and it intrigues and contributes to the important reflections on the nature of humankind and life itself.

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From there, the dev diary moves to additional team members such as Marek Markuszewski, Game Director, and Magdalena Kucenty, Narrative Designer/Writer of the game. The dev diary details that the game has been developed as closely to the original novel as possible and it tries to retain an element of surprise even for players who have read the novel. The game’s main character is the female scientist Yasna, a woman of science focused on exploring and investigating a series of events. She must undertake a rescue mission beyond her previous experiences.

The Invincible Dev Diary

She strictly follows the rules and orders and works according to the book however the mission will put different situations where she will be under pressure and will need to work under the pressure of events using her own intuition. Choices play an important role in the game and your actions will help you understand your own potential. The Invincible is set on the planet Regis III where you will interact with different creatures such as robots and other people. You will explore the atompunk atmosphere while using different tools such as a telemeter, tracker and can even drive a vehicle through a stunning landscape.

The Invincible is slated for a release in 2023 however a confirmed release date is not known at this point. If you want to try out a small slice of the game, you can head over to Steam where you can not only download and play a free demo of the game but also add it to your wishlist if you are interested in playing it when it comes out later this year.

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What are your thoughts on the latest The Invincible – Chronicles Vol 2 Dev Diary? Are you looking forward to playing The Invincible when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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