The Division 2 Government Comms Guide – All Audio Comms Location Detailed

The Division 2 Government Comms Guide

In this The Division 2 Government Comms Locations Guide, we will show you all the locations where you can collect the Government Comms throughout Washington D.C in the game. Government Comms is one of the many collectibles in The Division 2 that you will find scattered around Washington D.C. After picking up a Government Comm, you can listen to it and know details how different important government decisions and tasks.

We have curated this The Division 2 Government Comms Locations Guide in which we have detailed all the Government Comms located in The Division 2. You will need to find and collect 13 Government Comms in The Division 2, all of which are detailed below. They can also be considered as audio logs since you can listen to them after picking up.

The Division 2 Government Comms Guide

Below we have listed the Government Comms audio logs that are currently obtainable in The Division 2.

Government Comms # 1 – Possible Subterfuge

This item can be found right at the entrance of the White House, but not inside. Stand facing the entrance of White House, and follow the road to the left. Next, you will find a path leading right, which takes you down a few steps and towards the comms sitting on a table to your right, surrounded by bushes,

Government Comms # 2 – Border Control

This Comm item can be found near the previous one that you found. From the same path, before you stopped at the table, head to the building on your left. Head inside through the open doorways, and continue all the way into the back of the hallway. There will be a room at the end, where the Comms can be found on a desk

Government Comms # 3 – 25th Amendment

This Comms can be found inside the White House. Head in from the main entrance and then turn to your right. Here you will find a stairway on the left side of the corridor.  You need to head up these stairs to the floor above, then look right when you reach the top.

Once at the top you will find a door leading you outside, walk through this door and you will find a lot of paintings and the Comms lying in the pile.

Government Comms # 4 – Black Friday Briefing

This item is a little tricky to locate from the White House, but you can get to it by heading out from any of the south gates, and then heading towards the pool on the western side, after the driveway.

Here you will find a car crashed inside a basketball court, continue from this car straight ahead. You will find a small entrance between some hedges that lead you to a big house. Go towards the right side of the house, and follow the path close to the house. Continue towards the right after the fences, where you will enter a path made of cobblestones.

This path takes you toward the basketball court, where you will need to shoot the lock of the gate to gain entrance. The Comms will be on a table that is on the right side of the court.

Government Comms # 5 – Aids Assemble

This Comms can be found on the intersection of Alexander Hamilton PI NW and East Executive Avenue NW. Once at the location, head east on the Alexander Hamilton road towards a big white building on the left.

Inside you will need to get to the top from the stairs, and then at the front around the pillar on the left. The Comms will be lying on the ground just before this small pillar.

Government Comms # 5 – Directive 51

Head to the west wing of the White House and you will find it sitting on a table inside a room near a painting sitting against a wall.

Government Comms # 6 – DC-62 Trials

In the south of the map, make your way to the Potomac Relief Camp Side Mission starting location and find the Comm sitting near this location. Check inside a tent on a bench. The tent has some boards with clippings on them.

Government Comms # 7 – Bipartisan Support

Head to the south west of the White House where you come to a small park which has a monument and some upside down chairs. Check the ground between the dive and the chairs where the Comms is located.

Government Comms # 8 – Aides Assemble

Now make your way to the East of the White House. Take the stairs and go up where you will find the Comm sitting next to a big planter and the railing.

Government Comms # 9 – Raven Rock

Now head to the far north section of the White House where you will come to an alley. At the end of the alley, there is a door. The Comm is sitting in front of this door.

Government Comms # 10 – UN Briefing

Head to the Control Point called ‘The Choke’ and start heading southeast from the location to the building. Make your way to the second floor of this building and you will come to a fenced off area. Shoot the lock and you can gain entry to this area. Pick up the Comm inside this area from the floor.

Government Comms # 11 – Possible Subterfuge

You will find this Comm sitting on a table located at the West Wing Garden.

Government Comms # 12 – Essential Evacuation

Make your way to West Potomac Park. During the mission ‘Medical Cap Attack’, you can pick up this Comm inside the area where you search for the component.

Government Comms # 13 – Black Box

Inside the East Mall, make your way to the Crash Site Control Point. Check inside the cargo hold of the plane where you will find this Comm sitting. Pick it up.

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