Spider-Man Turf Wars Release Date Confirmed in Update 1.10

Marvel’s Spider-Man released September 7, 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game picks up additional story in its story pack ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. The first DLC ‘The Heist’ released at the end of October and now update 1.10 went live recently and it shows the next dlc release date.

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Second DLC named ‘Turf Wars’ will be unlocked on November 20, 2018. This was revealed after you update the game to patch 1.10 and navigate the game till start menu. There you will find the image of Hammerhead with ‘Turf Wars’ written on top of it. For reference check out the image below.

Turf Wars


We will get a proper trailer of Turf Wars any time soon in coming week or few days before the release of DLC, showcasing Hammerhead with his gang in action.

The City That Never Sleeps covers the story post main campaign. We highly suggest you to play the main story first before diving into the DLCs. All three planned DLCs are a part of a bigger plot here that Insomniac has created for fans of Spider-Man.

The Heist DLC showcased Black Cat. In series of the side missions inside base game, you get to trace Black Cat movements. After completing all side missions of Black Cat you get to know that she is looking for a one last big score. The story then follows in ‘The Heist’ DLC.

Insomniac has done an amazing job in making of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The fans of spider-man community needed a game like this since a long time. More so, in first three days after the release of the game, Marvel’s Spider-Man sold 3.3 million units. This is a fabulous start for a game that has releases exclusively for a single console.

It is highly likely that we may get a sequel of the game. For more news of Marvel’s Spider-Man, stay tuned to our website. 


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