Sky: Children of Light, Spiritual Successor of Journey, Releasing in July

Sky: Children of Light

Developer thatgamecompany released a brand new trailer for their next game Sky: Children of Light at E3 2019 and announced the reveal date of the game. Sky: Children of Light which is essentially a spiritual successor to the studio’s critically acclaimed title Journey is arriving first on iOS devices next month.

The brand new project by thatgamecompany is essentially an online-only ‘social adventure’ in which players play as one of the Children of Light who must use their light and restore a fallen kingdom back to its formal glory. The game features seven realms which look like a dream and players will be able to explore them with other players from around the world. We don’t know at this point whether the game can be played in solo or not.

Apart from exploration, players will take on simple challenges and tasks with other players such as exchanging candles and heading down into darker realms. The developer also has some cool seasonal events planned for the game as well which will include expansions of the realms as well. More details on this will be detailed later.

Check out the awesome E3 2019 trailer of Sky: Children of Light below.

Pre-orders are now live for Sky on Apple Store and players will be to jump in the game next game on iPhones and iPads. The remaining Apple devices will get the game later along with other planned platforms. This is kind of weird since Sky: Children of Light was initially revealed as a game for Apple TV 4K and it will not come out on it initially. The game has already suffered from numerous delays already but now at least we have a confirmed release date for the title.

Sky: Children of Light is coming out on July 11, 2019, on iOS. Later release platforms include Android, PC, and consoles.

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