Shadow of the Tomb Raider First DLC ‘The Forge’ Date and Details Revealed

Shadow of the Tomb Raider released September 14, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform. The game will get seven DLCs in the form of episodes with each DLC arriving a month apart.

The Forge DLC takes Lara Croft into Place for Fallen Gods, a ruins said to contain more secrets about Kuwaq Yaku. Lara Croft faces new challenge tombs, the environment if filled with lava and other imposing elements. The challenge puts major risk to Lara Croft but also has good rewards if you complete it.

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Square Enix has revealed the dates and details on its first DLC ‘The Forge’. The dlc will release on November 13 across all platforms. The DLC is part of season pass so any one who owns the season pass will get ‘The Forge’ DLC for free. If you do not own the season pass, you can get the DLC just for $4.99USD. The season pass of Shadow of the Tomb Raider season pass costs $29.99 USD.

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The Forge DLC offers quite the challenge. Players can complete the entire DLC in solo mode or in co-op. The co-op feature is just there only if you find the challenges too hard to beat alone. The co-op feature surely will aid you in completion, along with it, the experience will be refreshing and different in comparison to solo style gameplay.

The Forge DLC completion challenges will reward you with skills. You can unlock Grenadier skill and Umbrage 3-80 weapon. In addition to that, those who survive The Forge challenges will get Brocken outfit.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PC is protected with latest Denuvo DRM. There was a recent news that the latest anti-temper update was cracked. This could mean that Shadow of the Tomb Radier may soon get cracked for PC.

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