SCUM Crafting Guide – Craft Knife, Spear, Fire, Backpack

SCUM Crafting Guide

In this SCUM Crafting Guide, we will guide you on how you can craft different things in SCUM. Crafting is important in SCUM and you will not survive for much longer if you do not start crafting things, as soon as the game start. When you start a game of SCUM, you will have nothing on you. Before you start scavenging the map for items, you must first craft some basic survival tools and we have them detailed below in this SCUM Crafting Guide.

SCUM is Devolver Digital’s newest online survival game that bring out many new mechanics to the table While staying true to some classic RPG mechanics, crafting plays a vital role in your game of SCUM. Our SCUM Crafting Guide has you covered when it comes to everything about crafting.

SCUM Crafting Guide

Below we have detailed everything that you need to know about crafting in SCUM.

Start with a Knife

The very first item that you must craft in SCUM is a knife. Knife will allow you to gut different animals after killing them and you can also use it to create a spear. You cannot create a spear without a knife. Therefore, this makes crafting a knife, your first priority while starting a game.

As soon as the game starts, you must move around and find two rocks sitting close to each other. For crafting, you do not have to pick the items for crafting. If the rocks are far apart, pick one and take it to the other one.

Once both rocks are in close proximity, open up the crafting tab and select the stone knife. The knife will be crafted but it will not go in your inventory automatically. It will be placed near you on the ground. Always remember to pick up the items after crafting them or you might miss the item you just crafted.

Crafting a Spear

Now that you have a knife, you can easily craft a spear. You will need to use the knife to cut some wood. You can find bushes, small trees or any other vegetation around you and go chop them up. As you cut them down, wood will start appearing down on the floor.

Simply go near a long stick and you can easily craft a spear now. We recommend that you at least craft two spears right away because if you miss with the first one, you always have a second one as a backup. Knife will use used up while crafting a spear so make sure that you craft more knives before crafting another spear.

Crafting a Bagpack

The final item that you will need before heading out to scavenge the world is a backpack. Now backpack is not as simple as crafting a knife or a spear. You will need to find some clothes which are mostly found on zombies or other players but we cannot recommend that you start finding other players just yet. Zombies are your best option at the moment.

There are plenty of zombies roaming around settlements in the game. If you find a pack, you will need to lure one away from the pack because you cannot tackle the whole pack at this moment. Kill the isolated zombie using the spear and scavenge its clothes.

Now you will have some clothes in your inventory as well. Keep the jacket and cut everything else into rags. Convert rags into rag strips. Craft some improvised rope. Now you have all the required items for a backpack which are 2 rags and 1 improvised rope.

Craft the backpack and now you will have more space to put your items in. Wearing the jacket will also increase your inventory space as you can put some small items in your jacket. We recommend having as much space a possible at this point.

Now that you have the backpack, you can easily roam the area and scavenge for weapons, ammo and other items.

Crafting a Fireplace

Fireplace is yet another important item that you will be required to craft if you get wet and need to get some warmth. For crafting a fireplace, you will need matches or a lighter. If you do not have any of these items, Basic Survival will be required.

Use you knife to cut down some wood. You will need at least 6 small wood sticks. Once you have six of them, tie them together to create a bundle of sticks for easy carrying. Find a good spot where you want to create a fireplace and then craft some tinder followed by the Improvised fireplace.

Use you can use matches or lighter to light a fire. If you do not have these items, craft a fire drill which requires Basic Survival skill and you should be good to go.

How to Create Bundles

In SCUM, if you want to carry a large number of items together such as wood, you can create item bundles which will allow you to carry them around easily. To create a bundle such as rags, wood or anything, you will need a rag stripe.

Choose the rags or wood that you want to bundle together and then spend 1 rag stripe to bind it together. This will create a bundle and will allow you to carry them on your back, saving up inventory space.

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This concludes our SCUM Crafting Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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