Risk of Rain 2 Engineer Guide – How to Unlock, Skills, Attacks

Risk of Rain 2 Engineer Guide

In this Risk of Rain 2 Engineer Guide, we will show you how you can unlock the Engineer character in the game, what skills it comes with and what attacks it has that you can use in the gameplay and during combat.

Engineer is a defense oriented character or class that has specific tools to help him defeat enemies, while guarding an area. The engineer has many skills that include placed turrets, mines or placing bubble shields. Playing with the Engineer requires you to time your strategy with the use of his abilities.

The maximum health if the Engineer is 130, its damage its 12, and speed is 7m/s. It is quite a slow in movement.

Risk of Rain 2 Engineer Guide

Below we have detailed how you can unlock the Engineer for yourself, what skills it comes with, and what attacks it has.

How to Unlock

To unlock the Engineer, you need to clear 30 levels. This is cumulative so you will gain access just by playing through the game. this means that the amount is cumulative and you do not have to complete 30 stages in one single playthrough.

Engineer Skills

All Engineer Skills are detailed below:

Bubble Shield

This skill allows the Engineer to place an impenetrable shield that blocks all incoming damage. This bubble is great, and is so wide that you can fit about 10 MUL-Ts inside. It negates every ranged attack in the game, including massive shockwaves that the Wandering Vagrant throw at you.

The cooldown for the shield is long, but there is only a 9 second downtime between active shields. You can place them whenever you have projectiles that need to be deflected.

Keep in mind that the bubble is only good for attacks and projectiles, and it does not stop anything that can walk through it. This means you are still vulnerable to melee attacks. So do not completely depend on your shield, and run away if you have to flee to find a safer area.

Bouncing Grenades

This skill allows you to charge up to 8 grenades that deal 100% damage each. This is a basic attack that the Engineer has where it shoots bouncy bombs. Engineer has to charge up a volley of these bouncy balls and account for effect of gravity in order to damage targets. They are quite powerful and can take a chunk out of the boss’s health.

The only downside is that they are a bit sluggish to use on smaller enemies, which is where you can look at the other attacks the Engineer has

Pressure Mines

This skill places a mine that deal 300% damage when an enemy walks nearby. You can place up to 10 of these mines. These are the Engineer’s secondary attack mines. You can place 10 active mines wherever you want.

These mines do a hefty amount of damage, and if you find yourself in a tight spot, do not hesitate to chuck them straight towards the enemy at point black. The explosion doesn’t hurt you or your team mates, but the enemy will be obliterated.

Mines can stick to any surface, be it on the ground, a wall or even enemies or your friends. Attaching on team mates and then asking them to charge towards the enemy an be on strategy as well.

TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret

This skill allows you to place a turret that inherits all of your items. It fires a cannon that deal 100% damage, and you can place two of these turrets. The turrets are the best attacking weapons that the Engineer has.

You can place up to two turrets that fight with you by your side. These turrets are ready and willing to shoot every enemy they can within its attack radius. While a single turret can do the job, and you should save one for later, you should not hesitate to use them together. They basically shoot all enemies and rain down hell on them if they are chasing after you.

This concludes our Risk of Rain 2 Engineer Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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