Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Guide – How to Unlock, Skills, Attacks

Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Guide

In this Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Guide, we will show you how you can unlock the Engineer character in the game, what skills it comes with and what attacks it has that you can use in the gameplay and during combat.

Mercenary is a melee oriented character or class that provides you with a niche play style and great mobility that can be useful in any situation. The powerful blade attack can be combo-ed together to provide invulnerability and mobility. This character can quickly take out bosses and groups of enemies alike.

The maximum health of Mercenary is 140, its damage is 12 and speed is 7 m/s, with the same speed as the Engineer. It is a very simple character that can easily attack enemies. He is more of a high risk high reward fast paced attacked that you can have

Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Guide

Below we have detailed how you can unlock Mercenary for yourself, what skills it comes with, and what attacks it has.

How to Unlock

To unlock the Mercenary you have to interact with a mysterious Obelisk found in the secret area called “A Moment, fractured”. Here you must play through the stages until you encounter a Celestial Portal which spawns randomly after the Teleported Sequence.

Head inside this portal to access the “A Moment, Fractured” where you can then find the Obelisk. Interact with it twice to sacrifice yourself and get the access to the Mercenary

Mercenary Skills

All Mercenary Skills are detailed below:

Cybermetic Enhancements

This skill allows the Mercenary to jump twice. It allows you to attack air units early when blinding assault is down, prevent fall damage if whirlwind is down, and keep up with beefier targets so you can pull your combos on them twice before landing.

Laser Sword

This ability allows you to slice in front of you to deal 130% damage. Every third hit strikes in a greater area for 300% damage. This move may feel awkward at first as it leaves you vulnerable to attacks when used alone. Still, it is a really strong move because it can be animation canceled by any of your other abilities.

This allows you to immediately use another one of your ability after cancelling this attack.


This ability allows you to quickly slice horizontally, dealing 200% per slice, 400% in total. If the attack is performed airborne, it slices vertically instead. On the ground this skill sends you forward, and this can cause it to miss its second hit on a single target if you are close enough to it, so you really only want to use it when you want to close the gap.

It also gives you a brief dash that gives you some sort of more mobility. When in air, you can use it to keep you there, burn all charges of whirlwind before you jump so that they go on cooldown while you jump. It allows you to go pretty far with this ability alone.

Blinding Assault

This ability allows you to dash forward, and stun enemies for 200% damage. If you hit an enemy successfully, you can dash again, up to 3 times in total. It can be used for damage, running away and reaching high areas. It also makes you invulnerable during the dash.

This attack has no end lag, and this means you can use any attack or skill instantly after you reach your destination. It allows you to do your laser sword whirlwind cancel right after Blinding Assault for a 730% damage.


This ability allows you to target the nearest enemy, attacking then for 110% damage repeatedly. You cannot be hit for the duration. This move has no end lag, giving it the same applications as Blinding Assault. It also has the same dash range as the Blinding Assault making it easy to learn.

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This concludes our Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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