Risk of Rain 2 Artificer Guide – How to Unlock, Skills, Attacks

Risk of Rain 2 Artificer Guide

In this Risk of Rain 2 Artificer Guide, we will show you how you can unlock the Engineer character in the game, what skills it comes with and what attacks it has that you can use in the gameplay and during combat.

Artificer is a caster character or class in the game where it specializes in dealing elemental damage. Players with this class can bring down large groups of enemies with their powerful area of affect attacks

The maximum health of Artificer is 110, its damage is 12 and speed is 7 m/s, with the same speed as the Engineer. It is a very simple character that can easily attack enemies.

Risk of Rain 2 Artificer Guide

Below we have detailed how you can unlock Artificer for yourself, what skills it comes with, and what attacks it has.

How to Unlock

Artificer can be unlocked by spend 10 Lunar Coins. You will also need another Lunar Coin to access the shop. Spend 10 Lunar coins in the secret area “Bazaar Between Time”.

This area can be accessed after you have completed a teleporter event either randomly, or using a Lunar Coin at a Newt Altar. In the Bazaar, you will find the Artificer frozen and next to the shopkeeper for you to purchase and set free.

Artificer Skill

All Artificer skills are detailed below:

Flame Bolt

This skill allows you to fire a bolt for 200% damage that ignites the enemies on fire. You can hold up to 4 of these bolts. It has a 1.3 second cooldown per bolt. At level 1 it does 2 ticks of 3 damage, while the damage goes up by 1 per level.

Firebolt is your secondary attack, and do not think of it as your primary. It is a spamming fast firing attack that has a slow travel time. This means you have to lead your targets, then predict where they are going if you want to hit them. The attack is best used to take down weakened enemies that need to be finished off.

You can also use all 4 bolts at once, though it does mean you lose your reliable damage for a couple of seconds. It is also effective against bosses and dramatically increases how fast you can clear them. It can be a good option for removing high priority targets, especially in multiplayer.

Charged Nano-Bomb

This skill can charge up a nano-bomb that deals 400% to 1200% damage, while also stunning all enemies, and takes 5 second cooldown. The attack takes 2 seconds to fully charge while you can hold on to it for a total of 4 seconds. It does a good amount of damage to anything nearby it as it travels.

The damage increases the more its charged, and it impacts the enemy explodes with it. enemies outside the explosion are inflicted half the damage. the attack is good for taking out multiple enemies, but it can also be great to damage bosses.


This skill creates a barrier that freezes enemies for 100% damage. the enemies that are at low health are killed instantly if frozen. It creates 12 pillars of ice that deal 100% damage each. Enemies that are hit by it, or that are frozen by it, will die at 30% health.

This ability is best used to kill big enemies early. If you see that they are around 30% health, drop this attack at their feet and that saves a lot of time and damage. as long as the enemy is frozen, you can execute them making missing that critical pint a little more forgiving.

Popping this attack at the feet of the boss can create 5 to 8 pillars causing massive amounts of damage. the only downside is that it has a long cooldown. 12 seconds to be exact.


This skill will burn all enemies in front by dealing 1700% damage. at level 1 it does 11 damage a tick. The attack goes on for 3 seconds, that adds up to 330 damage. but with the addition of fire damage, it deals at least 417 damage. this is when you are only concentration on one target.

The flamethrower is a mid-ranged weapon compared to the Fire Bolt and Nano-Bomb, and the ability is cancelled when you sprint. You also cannot use any other skill while using the Flamethrower.

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This concludes our Risk of Rain 2 Artificer Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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