Review: RUST – One of the Best Multiplayer Survival Games

Review Rust

Do you consider yourself a pro gamer? Are you tired of playing easy games over and over again and are looking for something unique and hardcore? Well, you need not be worried as there is a game just for players like you. This game is called Rust, and this is our review of one of the best multiplayer survival games on this planet!

What it is About

Review Rust

Now that I’ve made you consider Rust, you might be wondering what it is about, and what makes it so challenging. Rust is an online multiplayer game with a gargantuan world to explore. The central theme of this game is survival. With that being said, the primary goal of every player is to survive in this game, taking into account their hunger, thirst, and health. You have to protect yourself from many dangers, for example, protecting yourself from wild animals such as bears, or radiation zones. It comes as no surprise that the most menacing threat you have to guard yourself against is other online players.

Rust isn’t only based on one aspect that most games are based on. Instead, rather than just being an action, survival, battle royale, or sandbox game, it merges all of those genres in a way that it works. Because of this, this game requires strategy.

At the start, you’re provided with a rock and a torch. You can use the rock to break various materials into valuable resources, which can be used to craft more valuable equipment that aids your survival. Equipment includes clothes, which provide you with protection against other players as well as guarding you against the lethal effects of specific places such as radiation zones. Furthermore, by finding blueprints, they can be used to craft weapons or gadgets from the resources gathered, which strengthens your chances of survival when in engaged combat against other players, or defending yourself from wild animals. Bases and shelters can also be made from specific materials. Food can also be gathered by hunting animals.

This game is somewhat based on both luck and strategy. As you lose all of your progress once you die, the more progress you make, the harder each choice becomes. For example, hours are put in while gathering materials and impedimenta; therefore, each fight you choose to participate in becomes more of a gamble, as the tension is heightened because you jeopardize losing more resources. Moreover, the main concept of Rust is to form a clan. Joining clans supports your survival, as raids and trading resources become much more effective because of cooperation. Furthermore, compounds, which are regarded as safe zones, are places where you can trade resources, which lowers the risk of being attacked as automatic high damage turrets fire on anyone who draws a weapon while trading. The players who draw weapons in this place are also marked as hostile to NPCs for a certain amount of time; this discourages betrayal.


Review Rust

From the start of the game, players are assigned their biological sex and color based on their Steam account information. This is quite disappointing for players who want control over the appearance of the characters they are playing.

There are many aspects of the game where a player might feel frustrated. The game is seen as unfair at times because experienced players have a clear advantage over inexperienced players. Respawning and starting from scratch is also very irritating for most players, as the progress you have made until a certain point can all be lost because of one small mistake.

While the gameplay might or might not be enjoyable, which solely depends on the interests of an individual, the graphics more often than not are agreed as being of moderate quality; it could be somewhat compared to PUBG. Other than the graphics, the animations of the game often seem a bit unnatural and rough. Apart from this, critics criticized the character models, usually describing them as “ugly and dull.” Though despite all of this, the environment is mostly praised.  Just like in any other game, this one also has issues related to bugs. Though, sometimes, this depends on what server you are using. You can check out many servers online which offer the best RUST server hosting to make your experience more pleasant.

Despite these criticisms, the game is praised for its PvP, difficulty, and survival aspects. A great sense of satisfaction is felt after players manage to survive in a brutal environment.


It is unanimously agreed that not all games are meant for everyone. People will choose and like games that fulfill their requirements of what they look like in a game. In spite of this, there are still some games that perform better than others. Taking this into account, despite the criticisms Rust has received, it has managed to sell over 9 million copies as of December 2019, highlighting that this game has potential. The rest is up to the individual player on how they judge it.

A review copy was not provided by the publisher for this review.

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