Mini Review: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Multipurpose Police Vehicle DLC

Review: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - Multipurpose Police Vehicle

Developed by Aesir Interactive and published by astragon Entertainment, the Multipurpose Police Vehicle is the latest DLC vehicle for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. Released nearly a year ago, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is an authentic police simulator that we love, and it is great to see that the developer is still working to bring new and enhanced features and DLC to the game. While there are many free updates released for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, the new Multipurpose Police Vehicle is a paid DLC and also the best one to arrive. This is our review of the PC Steam release of the new Multipurpose Police Vehicle DLC for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers in which we tow some vehicles and carry around tools in style.

The new Multipurpose Police Vehicle or MPV for short is a brand-new truck that you can now use in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers if you purchase the DLC. While it functions exactly like any other police vehicle in the game, it offers two features that no other vehicle in the game currently has. One of the best features is that it comes with a powerful winch at its front which can be used for towing vehicles. While it is only available while stationary and you can either pull or drive at one time, it is still a useful feature. The other feature is added inventory space as there are eight slots in its trunk which makes sense because this is a truck, and it has a full-sized bed at its back along with four seats up ahead so there is plenty of space to place all of your gear in it. It also drives and handles pretty well and ever since it was released for the game, it has been the only vehicle that I have used in the game because of its utility.

Review: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers - Multipurpose Police Vehicle

The winch feature is really useful for minor as well as major accidents. While you will still need to call in a wrecker to take them away, the MPV’s winch is powerful enough to move the vehicles to the side and clear the traffic space so that any emergency vehicles that you call have enough room for moving around. For attaching the vehicle, you have to get out and go closer to the vehicle that you want to move. From there, you press the interaction button and choose Tow Vehicle, and a winch rope is automatically attached from the front of the MPV to the vehicle that you want to tow. However, this process can sometimes become a little tedious because of how it works.

You cannot use the winch while you are inside the vehicle so every time you have to tow something, you have to get out and attach the winch manually. After this, once the winch the connected, you cannot drive your truck which means that you can keep towing the vehicle until it comes close to you and then it gets disconnected. At this point, you can back up again, and then get out of your vehicle once again and then connect the winch again, and then get back to pull it further. This process continues until you have cleared the way, and it could become a little tedious in repeat scenarios. The winch automatically disconnects when the vehicle nears you and you cannot drive further after attaching the winch. While this is perhaps not the best way to use the winch, it still works, and I had fun with it pulling around vehicles and easing the traffic burden in most scenarios.

The next best feature of the MPV is its boot space. Considering the fact that it is a full-size truck, it comes with a massive eight-slot bed which is enough to hold all of your tools available. This is good because, at this point, the game only has five tools if you include the new Evidence Markers and the Securing Poles just added to the game. Even with the new tools, you are left with three empty slots where you can have another one of your favorite tools and make it even more efficient if you spend a lot of time handling calls like traffic accidents or crimes. After this, you will also notice that this is so far the least glitchy vehicle in the game. It handles really well and very few times you will notice any sort of bugs or glitches happening with it.

Probably what makes the release of the Multipurpose Police Vehicle so good is that it arrives with the new Crimes Scene Update that brings with it new tools for you to play around with. The Crime Scene update gives you more freedom to investigate different crime scenes with proper equipment and get to know more about the criminal behind everything. Your new MPV is ready to hold the new Poles and Tapes tools which are two brand-new tools added to the game that you can hold in the trunk slots. Due to the sheer size of available gear slots in the MPV, you can not only hold the new Poles and Tapes, but also your remaining tools for ready access and even hold extra ones since the game does not have enough tools at this point to even fill all of the slots. This gives you the option to hold two of your favorite tools in any of the free slots. You also have new Evidence Markers which can be placed to highlight important evidence objects at these crime scenes.

The new Multipurpose Police Vehicle DLC shows that Aesir Interactive is actively listening to fan feedback, and they are aware of where the game lacks and what features could be added next to the game. The Multipurpose Police Vehicle DLC is just the perfect vehicle to arrive alongside the update that adds new tools to the game making it a vehicle that you might be always driving for your road patrols since it can carry everything that you will need in the game. We loved the base game Police Simulator: Patrol Officers when it launched and you can check our views on it in our review and you can also check out our previous mini-review of the Compact Police Vehicle DLC which is yet another useful vehicle to have in the game due to its size.

Final Verdict:

If you compare the new Multipurpose Police Vehicle DLC to the previous DLC vehicles released for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, it is definitely the best one. The vehicle is not only the most stable release so far but is actually better than the previous ones in every aspect. It brings in more storage space, it has a winch, and it drives better than everything else in the game. While the base game still needs more optimization and bug fixes, the new Multipurpose Police Vehicle is not buggy at all and is one of the best additions to the game. If you have been adding the previously released vehicles to your lineup, you must get your hands on the new Multipurpose Police Vehicle DLC for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers as well.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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