Resident Evil 3 Remake Monument Puzzle Guide – Where to Find Jewels

Resident Evil 3 Remake Monument Puzzle Guide

Resident Evil 3 Remake brings back one of the fundamental mechanics of the original title which is backtracking and puzzle-solving. You will come across different puzzles in Resident Evil 3 Remake, some of them are essential for story progression however some of these puzzles are simply optional however they give you useful upgrades and items if you complete them. This particular puzzle is one such optional puzzle that can be missed if you don’t know about the puzzle however our Resident Evil 3 Remake Monument Puzzle Guide will help you find the required jewels for this puzzle.

Monument Puzzle Guide – Resident Evil 3 Remake

Our Resident Evil 3 Remake Monument Puzzle Guide details everything that you need to know about finding the jewels and solving the monument puzzle in the game.

Location of the Puzzle

This particular puzzle sits right at the exit of the Subway and is not required to be completed in any way for the main story of the game making this an easy-to-miss puzzle. To complete this puzzle, you are required to find three jewels scattered around Downtown Racoon City. Each of these Jewels, when inserted in the puzzle machine, will get you a different item or upgrade making them worth spending the time at. Before you begin finding the jewels, play the story a little further until you get the Bolt Cutters and the Lockpicks. Once you do, come back to find the jewels and solve the puzzle.

Jewel #1 – Red Jewel

The red jewel is the easiest one to find. It is located inside Moon’s Donut Shop inside a fancy box next to a bigger carton and some stacked shelves. This safe room is located at the backside of the donut shop.

Jewel #2 – Green Jewel

The green jewel is found inside the toy store. You will a lockpick for this jewel. Use the lockpick to gain entrance to the toy store and inside you will find the jewel box sitting in one of the windows next to some toy cars.

Jewel #3 – Blue Jewel

For the blue jewel, you need to head inside the grocery store. This is right across the toy store. Cut the chains using the bol cutters and check the counter for the fancy box containing the jewel.

Rewards for Finding the Jewels

You get a different reward each time you insert a jewel back at the monument puzzle machine. After you have found the jewels, simply go back and insert them in the machine one by one. You get the following rewards for submitting jewels.

  • First Jewel – Hand Grenade
  • Second Jewel – Tactical Shotgun Upgrade
  • Third Jewel – Hip Pouch

This is everything that you need to know about the Monument Puzzle in Resident Evil 3 Remake and how to solve it. If you need more help with the game, check out the guides below.

This concludes our Resident Evil 3 Remake Monument Puzzle Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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