Reddit User Reports of a Patch That Kills Playable Demo of P.T in Your PlayStation 4


P.T was announced silently in 2014 as a playable demo exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game was another take from Hideo Kojima only this time the darker and horror side of genre instead of action. When Kojima left Konami, the game was cancelled.

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A reddit user reported that a patch 1.01 released this October and it killed the playable demo of P.T. He can no longer access the demo and play the P.T which was already installed in his system.

P.T after its cancellation was only playable if you have downlaoded it already in your PlayStation 4 system. If not, then you are out of luck to experience the horrors Hideo Kojima planned for you in small demo stage.

Reddit user PopulusTrichocapra is displayed in day/month/year format. This could be possible that Konami is rolling a wave of updated with different time zones. Once the update becomes available on your PlayStation 4 and you download and patch P.T with it, you may be ineligible to play it.

For one, all this information is not certain. We suggest you to take the information as of grain of salt unless the patch information is announced officially, which in turn, may really kill your game for sure.

Hideo Kojima is currently producing Death Stranding game. The game is the first game created by Hideo Kojima after he left the Metal Gear Sold V The Phantom Pain.

Hideo Kojima is creating the story so fans of his work are in for a treat. Hideo Kojima is well known for his works in Metal Gear Solid series. His latest work was Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.

Have you played the P.T game back in 2014? Is the game still installed in your PlayStation 4 hardisk? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below



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