PUBG Cross Suicide Squad – Joker and Harley Quin Skins Coming in the Game

Suicide Squad

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground on official twitter account has announced that they have collaborated with DC Comics. Two skins of legendary villains in DC Comics will be joining PUBG.

The Joker and Harley Quinn skins from Suicide Squad are to feature in PUBG anytime soon. Official twitter account also showcased a trailer for both of the skins. Check out the announcement trailer here.

Bluehole has not disclosed the plan how the players can get their hands on Suicide Squad skins. For one, the outfits in the game come in pieces from head to toe. So, maybe a full outfit gets unlocked in a limited time event, very much like Fortnite.

There is also no disclosure on the release dates of the skins. It can be a paid content or free one, PUBG left no clue for fans of the community to find out.

The end of the trailer shows a zoomed shot that a sniper dressed in police outfit takes. This could mean that more than two skins come in PUBG. Since the collaboration is with Suicide Squad, it can not be neglected for sure that the marksman shown in last seconds of the trailer is deadeye.

More of the character skins may or may not join in PUBG. For now, we are excited to see two crazies joining the battle royale.

Player Unknown’s Battleground is making quite a name for themselves these days. Just recently, it was reported that the game may secretly get released on PlayStation 4 platform.

This was spotted by Daniel Ahmad who is a good video game analyst. He collaborated with ResetEra and found out about the rumor. Additionally, they managed to dig two promotional images hinting clearly that PUBG is actually coming out on PlayStation 4 soon.

Are you excited about The Joker and Harley Quinn skins? Let us know more your thoughts in comment section below.

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