PS5 And Next Xbox Provide Much Needed Performance Boost Says Dev

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There is a lot of anticipation around the next generation of consoles, the PS5 and next Xbox. We have already heard that both Sony and Microsoft are trying to make their console more powerful than Google Stadia in order to prove that consoles are not obsolete.

Frederik Schreiber, vice president of 3D Realms talked about the upcoming consoles and he mentioned that the PS5 and Xbox Anaconda will push consoles closer to PC. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

With each generation of platforms, the development environment has come closer to PC standards, which benefits all developers. We expect the next generation of consoles to be easier to develop for, alongside a much needed overall boost in performance.

The current consoles can do 4K in some cases and are pretty powerful keeping in mind the price but technology has come a long way since then and console players need new hardware. We have already heard that PS5 will be able to upscale to 8K and even though we are not sure whether or not is true for gaming, it is very impressive indeed. The Xbox Anaconda will most likely have similar capabilities if not better.


We have talked about how Microsoft has the most powerful console on the market right now and now the company will want to keep that position in the market with the upcoming generation as well. So, it is possible that the Xbox Anaconda will be more powerful than the PS5. Schreiber went on to mention the following:

The current generation is already fast, but GPU, Memory and CPU technology have come a long way since the current generation of consoles was introduced, which will hopefully give us a lot of new opportunities with the next generation.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Anaconda. Which one are you more interested in?

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