New Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Update Adds Holding Cells

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Update

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers gets a new update expansion to the Early Access game which adds holding cells for suspects. Virtual police officers can now transport handcuffed suspects in their vehicles to the nearest police station and then transfer them to the newly introduced holding cells. This will allow you to detain people in cells and use them for short punishments in your own police station. The infrastructure was there from the start however now you can actually use them.

The update also brings basic modding features that allow players to get creative with uniform and vehicle skins.

Watch the release trailer below:

A new safety update just arrived for you, officer! From now on take it upon yourself to drive apprehended suspects back to the precinct and guide them into a holding cell. And last but not least: Want a change of clothes? From now on we have added modding support. With the right tools you’ll be able to modify the police uniform textures, as well as those of your police cars!

Holding cells were one of the most requested features by players in the community of Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. The new feature lets you transport suspects in your own car instead of calling an NPC police van for backup at a crime or accident scene. Taking the suspects and placing them in the holding cells gives the player another level of immersion in fulfilling their dreams of becoming a police officer.

The basic modding in the update is pretty much a simple feature where you can now mod uniforms and vehicle skins to your liking. You can also change the names of player characters in the game.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Update

Key Features:

  • Traffic system that organically creates accidents, speeding vehicles, traffic jams, and other traffic violations like crossing a red light and more
  • Three districts with several neighborhoods, each with their own unique flair
  • Various duties ranging from car accidents, parking regulations, and emergency callouts, to finding drug dealers or graffiti sprayers
  • Progression to unlock districts, cars, and modes (Standard and Open Patrol)
  • Casual and Simulation game modes
  • Intuition System
  • Single- and Multiplayer modes


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