Palworld Jetragon Guide – Where to Find, How to Catch & Breed

Palworld Jetragon Guide

Jetragon is a very cool and one of the best Pals in Palworld. It has a strong design and impressive abilities, making it a favorite among players. Not to mention that it is the best flying mount that you can have in the game. You can beat and capture Jetragon by using the right skills and a bit of luck. This strong Celestial Dragon Pal can be a great team member, and if you want, you can breed more Jetragons to make your team unbeatable. If you’re interested in adding this Dragon to your team, check out our comprehensive Palworld Jetragon Guide.

How to Find Jetragon in Palworld

To catch Jetragon in Palworld, you should be around Level 40 with the best gear when it comes to armor and weapons. You can find its boss, Alpha Pal, in Mount Obsidian, the volcano on the bottom left of the map. Jetragon usually hangs out on the volcanic rocks at the top left corner of Mount Obsidian, near the coordinates (-790, -320). The simplest way to reach this city is by using an improved Grappling Gun so, remember to upgrade it to climb the walls.

Palworld Jetragon Guide
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Unfortunately, there’s no Great Eagle Statue nearby in Jetragon. The closest places you can quickly travel to are the Ruined Fortress City to the east, the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance to the southeast, and the Beach of Everlasting Summer to the south. When you’re ready to go, bring a fast-flying mount with you because climbing Mount Obsidian without one is tough. If you have a flying mount like Nitewing, you can also use it to reach this Alpha Pal’s location. You can use the Grappling Gun in a pinch, but it’s not as easy. Make sure to wear Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor if you have it, or some kind of clothing that protects you from the volcano’s flames. Also, bring a good supply of Ultra or Legendary Pal Spheres.

Now moving on to when you are actually face to face with Jetragon, focus on reducing its health. Jetragon is a type of dragon that is strong against Dark attacks but weak against Ice attacks. So, use your best Ice-type Pals in the battle. Frostallion is a great choice, and it can also help you fly to Mount Obsidian. If you don’t have Frostallion, you can use Chillet, Ice Reptyro, Mammorest Cryst, or Sibelyx, as they are all strong options. Once Jetragon’s health is almost depleted, throw one of your spheres at it and hope for a successful outcome!

How To Breed Jetragon

To make baby Jetragons, you need two adult Jetragons. Sorry if you were looking for a trick to catch Palworld’s strongest boss without fighting. But, remember, if you beat the tough Alpha Pals, they come back after an hour. So, if you want more Jetragons, you can stay near Mount Obsidian and repeatedly capture this special Pal.

When you breed two Jetragons, you can get a more powerful one. Just choose two Jetragons with great abilities, and the babies will be even stronger, inheriting the qualities you want.

Here are some recommended mixes for breeding Jetragon in Palworld:

  • Jetragon + Gorirat = Anubis
  • Jetragon + Beegarde = Anubis
  • Jetragon + Grintale = Mammorest
  • Jetragon + Frostallion = Cryolinx
  • Jetragon + Jormuntide = Helzephyr
  • Jetragon + Broncherry = Wumbo Botan
  • Jetragon + Grizzbolt = Astegon

If you need help on how you can breed your Pals in Palworld, make sure that you check out our Palworld Breeding Guide along with our Beginner’s Guide if you are just starting the game. If you require some resources, make sure to check out our guides on how to collect Sulfur, ore, wheat seeds, pure quartz, leather, high quality Pal oil, polymer, coal, Ancient Civilization Parts, and Ancient Technology Points.

This concludes our Palworld Jetragon Guide. If you want to add any tips for us on how we can catch the Jetragon, feel free to use the comments section below.

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