Palworld Breeding Guide – How to Breed, Breeding Farm, Breeding Combinations

Palworld Breeding Guide

In this Palworld Breeding Guide, we will be going through how you can breed your Pals and all the combinations that exist in it since you can breed all the Pals in the game which will bring out new Pals depending on your breeding combination. Apart from this, we will also be going over all of the subspecies breeding combinations that will allow you to get confirmed results. So without any further ado, let’s jump into the guide.

Breeding Guide – Palworld

So, what you are going to need are two Pals, a breeding farm and a Cake. Yes, Cake to help your Pals breed.

Unlocking the Breeding Farm

When you reach level 19, you gain the ability to unlock the breeding farm in your technology tree. The construction of one requires 100 wood, 20 stone, and 50 fiber. Keep in mind that the breeding farm is of a substantial size, so if your base is not situated in a flat area, you might encounter difficulties in finding a suitable location for it.

How to Breed Pals in Palworld

First thing is first, you have to set up a breeding farm. Then introduce a male and a female Pal into that Farm and with that there has to be one cake minimum in the chest that’s stored there. Each cake present in the chest will produce one egg by the pair of Pals. Rest easy with the knowledge that the cake will not spoil in the chest unlike the regular food items so, you can store multiple cakes in the storage chest.

When you are breeding the Pals, there is a chance that they will pass on their passive skills to the new Pal. This could be a way to produce Pals with enhanced abilities. The Pal hatching from the egg follows a predetermined in-game formula based on an assigned hidden power level value unique to each Pal. It’s important to understand that this system prevents the breeding of two early-game Pals to yield an end-game Pal.

How to Make Cake in Palworld

Let’s quickly go through the list of ingredients that you will need to get started on making the Cake. You are going to need:

  • Flour x5
  • Red Berries x8
  • Milk x7
  • Eggs x8
  • Honey x2

Now some of these ingredients will not just be lying around in the game, you will need to sort of manufacture them like Flour. To make flour make sure you construct a Mill, which becomes available at Level 15. Invest Wood x50 and Stone x50 in building the mill, and then use any harvested wheat from your Wheat Plantation (another unlock at Level 15 that is crucial for base upgrades) to create flour.

When you reach level 17, you can unlock the Cooking Pot by investing wood x20, ingots x15, and Flame Organs x3. This pot is essential for making cake, as the beginner campfire cannot facilitate the process.

Palworld Breeding Guide

Getting honey involves capturing or defeating Cinnamoths, but it is recommended and much more convenient to capture a Beegarde or two and place them in a ranch at your base. This way, they will consistently produce honey for your use. The earliest spot for Beegarde was North of the Lake Center Fast Travel point. The good thing in this game is that some things you can just produce at your farm once you have the specific Pals or items to construct buildings on the farm.

Breeding Combos

The list of the breeding combos is endless and definitely would not be able to fit in here, although you can go through the great breeding calculator made by blahable on Reddit. What we can do for you is give you a list combination of Pal Subspecies here:

Parent 1 Parent 2 Breeding Result
Blazehowl Felbat Blazehowl Noct
Broncherry Fuack Broncherry Aqua
Dinossom Rayhound Dinossom Lux
Eikthyrdeer Hangyu Eikthyrdeer Terra
Elphidran Surfent Elphidran Aqua
Frostallion Helzephyr Frostallion Noct
Gobfin Rooby Gobfin Ignis
Hangyu Swee Hangyu Cryst
Incineram Maraith Incineram Noct
Jolthog Pengullet Jolthog Cryst
Kingpaca Reindrix Ice Kingpaca
Leezpunk Flambelle Leezpunk Ignis
Lyleen Menasting Lyleen Noct
Mammorest Wumpo Mammorest Cryst
Mau Pengullet Mau Cryst
Mossanda Grizzbolt Mossanda Lux
Pyrin Katress Pyrin Noct
Relaxaurus Sparkit Relaxaurus Lux
Reptyro Foxcicle Ice Reptyro
Robinquill Fuddler Robinquill Terra
Surfent Dumud Surfent Terra
Suzaku Jormuntide Suzaku Aqua
Vanwyrm Foxcicle Vanwyrm Cryst

Good luck on your journey to breeding your Pals and getting a variety of combinations along with different abilities. The possibilities are endless!

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This concludes our Palworld Breeding Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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