Nvidia GTX 1180 Spotted, RTX 2080 Without RT Cores?

Nvidia GTX 1180

The Nvidia RTX series cards have already been announced and most of them are already available on the market but it seems that Nvidia is going to release the GTX 11 series graphics cards as well. The Nvidia GTX 1180 has been spotted in benchmarks and this is not the first time that we have spotted an 11 series card. We recently spotted the GTX 1160 as well.

An interesting thing to note is that the Nvidia GTX 1180 was recognized as an RTX 2080 by the software. This could mean that the card is based on the Turing architecture. If this is true then there is a chance that the graphics card is not a Pascal refresh but a Turing card without the RT cores. Which means that it will not support features like real-time ray tracing and even DLSS.

While the benchmark is from Linux if we compared the performance of the 1180 with an RTX 2080 tested in Windows we see similar performance. You can check out the comparison below:

Nvidia GTX 1180

As you can see from the numbers the RTX 2080 does have a small lead over the Nvidia GTX 1180 but most of it is in the margin of error. Keeping in mind that we have already seen a GTX 1160, there is a chance that Nvidia is going to release a GTX 11 series along with the RTX graphics cards. This would make sense as there need to be an 1150 and 1150 Ti card as well and because these are going to be entry-level GPUs, they cannot be included in the RTX series.

This is a leak so do take this information with a grain of salt. None of this has been confirmed by Nvidia at this point and this could turn out to be something else entirely.

let us know what you think about this Nvidia GTX 1180 benchmarks and whether you think Nvidia could release the GTX 11 series of graphics cards alongside the RTX family.

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