Nintendo Shutting Down Nintendo Wii U’s Official Facebook Page

Nintendo Wii U

It looks like Wii U is now finally out of Nintendo’s page because Nintendo is shutting down the official Wii U page from Facebook on November 9, 2018. Since the launch of Nintendo Switch, we knew that Nintendo Wii U would be going out of commission and now it is finally happening.

Nintendo had kept the support live across their various social media pages and official site relating to Wii U but it seems that Nintendo wants to completely pull the plug from Nintendo Wii U’s support, starting with the shutting down of the Facebook page.

This was announced by Nintendo themselves on the Wii U’s page where they shared a post telling the still loyal fans of the device about the shut down and asking them to switch to other Nintendo Facebook pages for updates. Their official post on Facebook is

From Nintendo Land, right through to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, thank you for being part of our Wii U journey. We’ll be closing this page on Friday, November 9th. To stay up to date with all the latest Nintendo news, join us at the Nintendo, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS pages.

Thank you, and keep on gaming.

Right after this post was made, thousands of fans reacted to the post by sharing their best memories with the console. This was well expected because despite Wii U not gaining as much traction as the Wii, it still received many solid titles which the fans loved. Wii U is the only Nintendo console which failed to live up to fans expectations.

Nintendo Wii U was originally launched in 2012 and it directly followed Nintendo Wii. Wii was a huge success and Wii U was also expected to be a huge success because it featured a touchscreen in its controller which could be used as a primary or a secondary screen to play Wii U. It was also Nintendo’s first console to support HD graphics.

Wii U also supported all Wii titles. It was directly competing with PS4 and Xbox One and hence could not really make its ground in the market as a competitor and suffered massively when compared to Wii’s sales. It was discontinued in January 2017 and after it, Nintendo Switch was launched which turned out to be a huge success.

Now Nintendo is finishing up all sorts of support relating to Wii U and the announcement of shutting down the Facebook shows just that. The Facebook page will be shut down on November 9, 2018.

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