Nintendo Showcases Extended Features of Labo Vehicle Kit

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo kit is a DIY kit that allows players to transform joy-con controllers into something amazing. Recently, Nintendo has showcased few additional features of its labo vehicle kit. The kit allows players to build into a car, submarine and a plane. You can buy labo vehicle kit from official Nintendo labo website for $70. The item will be available on September 14, 2018.

Check out official video below.

Each Nintendo Switch labo kit comes with a physical version of the Labo kit vehicle software.

The video showcases how you can easily build the car controller using labo vehicle kit. The kit brings in a new method to drive. The video shows more on the features that labo vehicle kit will provide.

The kit also converts into submarine and a plane control. Labo vehicle kit will be limited for certain games or applications. However, all three kits shown so far are exciting to play with.

Additionally, Nintendo also mentioned that you can play Mario Kart 8 using with labo vehicle kit.

Labo Vehicle kit Labo Vehicle kit

In another news, Nintendo Sale Co., LTD. has announced that they will release the Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack in September. This new Classic Mini Double Pack will contain Famicom Classic Mini and Super Famicom Classic Mini and the package will also include a Nintendo USB AC Adapter which will work with both consoles. Having a single wire for both consoles will mean that you will be able to play one console at a time.

Nintendo Soup have revealed that the new Classic Mini Double Pack bundle is now online on Amazon Japan and people can pre-order it right now. The price of the bundle has been set at ¥15,077, which amounts to $135 or £105

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