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Nightingale lets you visit new and unusual places through special portals. But it also has a feature that allows you to alter where you are right now. This could bring advantages, but there might be risks too. This guide will help you understand what Realmic Transmuters are in Nightingale and how you can use them.

How to Use The Realmic Transmuters in Nightingale

The Realmic Transmuter is a special machine that can be found in different places in certain worlds. For example, in the first Abeyance Forest Realm we explored, it was in the northeast corner of the map. But for other players, it might be somewhere else because of how the game creates locations randomly.

Sometimes, you might also find one at the highest point of a Fae Tower. These tall towers have difficult challenges for you to overcome. However, if you manage to reach the very top, you can unlock the whole area, which makes it simpler to explore and find interesting places.

Minor Cards and Transmuters

The Realmic Transmuters in Nightingale work differently from regular portals. They don’t need biome or danger cards. Instead, they only use Minor Cards. Just choose one and press “Apply” to make it work. This changes things in the world you’re in, but it stops when you leave. Remember, you usually have to buy card blueprints from Essence Traders and have the right materials to make them. The examples for minor cards are:

  • Cleansing Card: This card gets rid of any small effects from other cards in the realm.
  • Dragon’s Hoard Card: With this card, you’ll find more treasure chests and have a better chance of finding rare gems. But it also makes you vulnerable to attacks.
  • Angler Card: This card makes you better at fishing and helps you catch more fish. It also keeps dangerous creatures away while you fish.
  • Explorer Card: This card makes you move faster and helps you take less damage. But it also makes you deal less damage to others.
  • Feast Card: This card makes food effects last longer, helps you heal faster, and makes you feel less hungry.
  • Settler Card: This card helps you get more building materials and makes your structures stronger. But it makes you recover stamina slower.
  • Maleficate Card: This card makes it always night in your area and makes enemies drop more valuable items.
  • Thinned Veil Card: This card makes you move faster, jump farther, and use less stamina.
  • Utopia Card: With this card, it will always be daytime in your area.

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This concludes our Nightingale guide on how you can use the Realmic Transmuters. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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